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Installing Ubuntu on the Legion Y530

CURRENT SUPPORTED LTS VERSIONS (as of 9/18/2018) : 18.04.2


An updated version of the guide can always be found here


WARNING: Following these steps will erase the OS that comes on your laptop. Make sure you have a backup before continuing 

This is a long guide, and you will need to be comfortable around a command line to complete it.


The Legion Y530 is designed to run windows, and many features, including Vantage and Nerve Sense, only work on Windows. However, there are many reasons one could want to run an alternative OS, such as Linux on their Legion, and this guide will help you set up the machine so you can easily boot and install the OS.


Step 1: If you haven't already done so, back up the machine with a 3rd party tool, or the built in Windows Back Up utility. 


Step 2: Download Etcher and Ubuntu 18.04.2 desktop


Step 3: Use Etcher to write the disk image to a USB drive (8GB or larger recommended)



Step 4: Hold down shift, and then open the start menu and press the power icon and then restart


Step 5: Hold shift until you see the advanced startup screen



Step 6: From the advanced startup screen, select troubleshoot then advanced, then UEFI Settings. From the UEFI settings screen, press the restart button




Step 7: once the machine boots into the UEFI Settings, navigate over to the security tab with the arrow keys, then down to the secure boot setting. press enter then change the setting to disabled using the arrow key. press enter to change the setting and dismiss the dialog.



Step 8: Press F10 and select yes to save the changes


Step 9: from the point the Bios exits start pressing F12 until you see the device selection screen



Step 10: Select your USB device from the list


 Step 11: Select "try ubuntu without installing" or equivalent option 


Step 12: Once on the desktop has booted, open a terminal and run sudo rmmod ideapad_laptop to allow wifi to work then follow the ubuntu steps for installing the OS


Step 13: Follow the instructions for rebooting after the install has completed. after the legion screen, but before the boot screen, press escape to get to the grub selection menu.


Step 14: press e on the option for your OS, and edit the "quiet splash" line to "quiet splash nouveau.modeset=0"  once the nvidia drivers are installed, this won't be needed



Step 15: Press F10 to boot the OS, once you are at the desktop, open the terminal and run sudo rmmod ideapad_laptop


Step 16: without closing the terminal Perform a system update (e.g sudo apt-update && sudo apt dist-upgrade for ubuntu)


Step 17: run the command sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf


Step 18: add blacklist ideapad_laptop to the end of the file, this will get wifi working permanently




Step 19: once finished reboot. back at the desktop,wifi should now be working without needing the rmmod command every time. 


Step 20: run the command sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390 nvidia-prime, accept the installation and reboot after it completes 


Step 21: verify that the installation works by opening a terminal and perform the following 

  • Run prime-select query (should return nvidia) 
  • Run sudo prime-select intel (should say “selected intel profile” or similar) 
  • Run prime-select query (should return intel) 


This concludes installing Ubuntu on the Legion Y530 and getting core functionality working.

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Blahnik On 2019-04-23, 22:40 PM

Ubuntu 19.04 suits fine for me because it has support til january 2020. This is the the first time that I am using linux this much and I

thought Ubuntu would be a nice starting point to learn. So is it this Linux Kernel 5.0 that makes Legion-owners lifes easier or Ubuntu 19.04? Does for example Arch Linux function with my hardware? My goal is to make  a quite minimalistic linux-version for personal use :D

Fullmetal99012 On 2019-04-23, 22:47 PM

I haven't gotten an arch install.. but then again I havent tried a combo of arch with kernel 5.0. 


On the ubuntu side, i think its a combination of the new kernel and the integration into the OS by the ubuntu dev team



There isn't anything wrong with using the in-between releases, they work fine for most peoples needs. I tend to reccomend the LTS, because sometimes packages are more stable in the LTS versions than they are in the non LTS. I will probably run 19.04 unless I can get something like Antergos working. 



emanuelfontelle On 2019-04-24, 0:51 AM

Hey guys, after one month trying to install any linux distro, I installed Archlinux and everything works! Without lags, or screen freezes!



Archlinux provides a updated linux kernel and some packages to deal with Nvidia, in this case we have to install Bumblebee and Nvidia drivers

nvidia 418.56-7
nvidia-settings 418.56-1
nvidia-utils 418.56-1
opencl-nvidia 418.56-1

bumblebee 3.2.1-20



Now, everything works, Wi-Fi card, Bluetooth, Keyboard lights, Webcam, all Fn buttons, in my case I have a dual boot Windows/Archlinux.

Morstern On 2019-04-24, 17:27 PM

I  went in: "Installation type" into the 'Something else', and it looks like, the SSD disk isn't recognized.

Can't see it from the install menu, but in bios everything is OK. :/

I installed Linux on HDD, since there's no SSD in the install option

Any ideas why it's showing in BIOS but not in installation type?


ADATA SX6000PNP - NVMe, AHCI mode.


Okay, so I went to Installation type once again, deleted all partitions that were created. (Didn't know how to do it before)
Then I just mounted Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, I think I couldn't install the Ubuntu since there was already one there...
But I'll stay with 18.04 probably, thank you for the guide :)

Devboy On 2019-04-24, 19:39 PM


< sinon, le dernier recours serait de nettoyer l’installation 19.04 et d’installer le pilote nvidia via le panneau de configuration "Pilotes supplémentaires".">>


Comment dois-je procéder pour faire ça?


Egalement, tu me conseilles d'installer 19.04 en premier lieu?

Fullmetal99012 On 2019-04-25, 5:55 AM



in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) run the command 

sudo apt purge nvidia*

following the prompts, then reinstall.


With 19.04, you can install the nvidia drivers with the below steps. 


press the 'super' key (the one with the windows logo) and type drivers. you should get a screen similar to the following (although i'm not sure what the label would be if the language is not en-US)


Choose the icon that looks like the big blue one in the picture below, then on the following screen, choose the driver package 418.



The actual hardware you see in your "additional drivers" window would be different, as I didn't take this from the Legion, but a thinkpad with the GeForce 940M 


As for running 19.04, I normally do not reccommend running a non LTS, however I am currently running it on one of my other machines that has the Optimus graphics, and the built in support for installing the nvidia packages is amazing. 

Devboy On 2019-04-25, 20:11 PM

Hello @Fullmetal99012 ! Boooooum !


La photo parle d'elle même !  



Vive 19.04 !  Magnifique ! 


Merci pour tes conseils je revis ! 


Après une semaine à me battre avec le terminal, le bios, et Nvidia sous 18.04lts et 18.10 ( tout ça pour un deuxième écran!) j'ai finalement installé le petit dernier: 19.04 alias 'Disco Dingo' et quelle bonne surprise une fois l'installation terminée j'ai tapé xrandr et j'ai vu que j'avais un HDMI ! lol. je l'ai juste branché et il a fonctionné de suite ! 


Merci à toi pour tes conseils :)


je reste dans le coin 


Fullmetal99012 On 2019-04-28, 20:39 PM

@DevBoy Glad you were able to get it working.


Nvidia Switchable graphics has always been a pain to get working on Linux.

jasiu On 2019-04-29, 12:22 PM

Hey All,


I know that this topic was mentioned before somwhere here, but is there any chance to have a battery life longer than 1.5/2 h when running on NVidia GPU? I have a dual boot Legion with Windows 10 & Ubuntu 19.04 and battery life on Ubuntu is more than twice lower than on Windows.



liho On 2019-05-03, 7:37 AM

Do anyone know how to control the fan in ubuntu 18.04.2 lts in legion y530?

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