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Installing Ubuntu on the Legion Y530

CURRENT SUPPORTED LTS VERSIONS (as of 9/18/2018) : 18.04.2


An updated version of the guide can always be found here


WARNING: Following these steps will erase the OS that comes on your laptop. Make sure you have a backup before continuing 

This is a long guide, and you will need to be comfortable around a command line to complete it.


The Legion Y530 is designed to run windows, and many features, including Vantage and Nerve Sense, only work on Windows. However, there are many reasons one could want to run an alternative OS, such as Linux on their Legion, and this guide will help you set up the machine so you can easily boot and install the OS.


Step 1: If you haven't already done so, back up the machine with a 3rd party tool, or the built in Windows Back Up utility. 


Step 2: Download Etcher and Ubuntu 18.04.2 desktop


Step 3: Use Etcher to write the disk image to a USB drive (8GB or larger recommended)



Step 4: Hold down shift, and then open the start menu and press the power icon and then restart


Step 5: Hold shift until you see the advanced startup screen



Step 6: From the advanced startup screen, select troubleshoot then advanced, then UEFI Settings. From the UEFI settings screen, press the restart button




Step 7: once the machine boots into the UEFI Settings, navigate over to the security tab with the arrow keys, then down to the secure boot setting. press enter then change the setting to disabled using the arrow key. press enter to change the setting and dismiss the dialog.



Step 8: Press F10 and select yes to save the changes


Step 9: from the point the Bios exits start pressing F12 until you see the device selection screen



Step 10: Select your USB device from the list


 Step 11: Select "try ubuntu without installing" or equivalent option 


Step 12: Once on the desktop has booted, open a terminal and run sudo rmmod ideapad_laptop to allow wifi to work then follow the ubuntu steps for installing the OS


Step 13: Follow the instructions for rebooting after the install has completed. after the legion screen, but before the boot screen, press escape to get to the grub selection menu.


Step 14: press e on the option for your OS, and edit the "quiet splash" line to "quiet splash nouveau.modeset=0"  once the nvidia drivers are installed, this won't be needed



Step 15: Press F10 to boot the OS, once you are at the desktop, open the terminal and run sudo rmmod ideapad_laptop


Step 16: without closing the terminal Perform a system update (e.g sudo apt-update && sudo apt dist-upgrade for ubuntu)


Step 17: run the command sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf


Step 18: add blacklist ideapad_laptop to the end of the file, this will get wifi working permanently




Step 19: once finished reboot. back at the desktop,wifi should now be working without needing the rmmod command every time. 


Step 20: run the command sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390 nvidia-prime, accept the installation and reboot after it completes 


Step 21: verify that the installation works by opening a terminal and perform the following 

  • Run prime-select query (should return nvidia) 
  • Run sudo prime-select intel (should say “selected intel profile” or similar) 
  • Run prime-select query (should return intel) 


This concludes installing Ubuntu on the Legion Y530 and getting core functionality working.

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nd07 On 2019-07-18, 15:53 PM

Has anyones media keys stopped working? Play, skip, back, stop, etc. Volume keys still work


Suptem On 2019-07-18, 16:38 PM

I have g50-45 and everything is working fine, brightness, sounds etc

Fullmetal99012 On 2019-08-01, 20:42 PM

@nd07 I saw one user having issues with multimedia keys on github, but that was because they were trying 16.04.


It's possible that updates could break things. I've also noticed that sometimes they don't work unless certain apps are running. 


what version of ubuntu are you running? 18.04.3 should be out within the next week or so, which brings a new kernel and all the associated fixes. (should be kernel 5.0)

bongzilla On 2019-08-14, 17:21 PM


I was asking help about Ubuntu 18.04.3 dont recognizing my external monitor.

Solved with:



Precisely  doing:

sudo nano /lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-kms.conf

And editing the line with:

options nvidia-drm modeset=1


options nvidia-drm modeset=0

After that:

sudo update-initramfs -u

And reboot.


Thank you @

xtreme3pic On 2019-10-01, 0:57 AM

I tried following this guide and I have several issues with installing any distro. The issues I have encountered are as follow:

1. The distros that I tried are Ubuntu, ubuntu MATE, and popOS 18.04.3. Whichever distros I tried to install GRUB bootloader doesn't get installed properly. The installation would always encountered some dpkg errors but it still successfully installed into my machines. But when I removed the media and reboot into it, GRUB doesn't appear. I could not find the grub either in BIOS or EFI partition through diskpart. 

Note: I selected the bootloader to be installed in EFI partition during the installation process.

2. I managed to installed 18.04.1 once long ago. However, hardware acceleration was terrible even with nvidia drivers installed and disabling nouveau. Chrome, Firefox tabs would crash right away. I tried with various nvidia drivers to solve this. So I deleted this ubuntu and when I tried with 18.04.3, the issues still persist on live usb.

Note: I also did startup repair and reset everything to factory default after deleting ubuntu.

3. Setting nouveau.modeset=0 is not persistant. Sometimes, I have to do nomodeset, i915.alpha_support=1 and sometimes acpi=off.

I am by no means linux expert. I need linux for my development setups (nginx, dockerization and server management) and these issues make me regret buying this laptop. 

samim007x On 2020-01-22, 20:47 PM

This guide applies to Lenovo Legion Y540 as well. Just a few extra tips:

before installation, purge any packages related to nvidia using


sudo apt-get purge nvidia*


and, disable the default nouvea drivers by adding an extra paramter in grub file /etc/default/grub using root permission 

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash modprobe.blacklist=nouveau"


Now update grub 

sudo update-grub2


Add graphics PPA 

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update


Now autoinstall the latest working drivers using 

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall


After the installation is complete install prime 

sudo apt install nvidia-prime


reboot the system.

Open terminal and type  



It will either show you details about your graphic card or it will show that it has failed to load. Don't worry.

Open terminal. Type   

sudo prime-select intel



Open terminal. Type   

sudo prime-select nvidia



Open terminal. Type  


Now it should show you your Graphic card details.



Fullmetal99012 On 2020-01-23, 3:45 AM

@xtreme3pic the modeset and kernel options can be made persistent by adding them to the kernel parameters in /etc/default/grub and then running sudo update-grub and sudo update-grub2 (only one of the two commands should be needed, but I never remember which one and always do both). The guide here is a bit out of date and I haven't had a chance to fix it at all. However, I would run linux in a virtual machine until Ubuntu 20.04 is out in April. 

asmmohel On 2020-02-16, 0:16 AM

I'm on lenovo Y540 with ubuntu 18.04 and need to keep the battery life. Is there any configuration to save the battery life, or i must remove it from laptop while i'm connecting with the charger? i almost time using laptop and don't want to remove the battery because it's boring to remove it then plug it in ..

Fullmetal99012 On 2020-02-16, 22:57 PM

Is the laptop draining battery while its plugged in?

asmmohel On 2020-02-17, 13:10 PM

Thanks for replying ... when i pulg in the laptop with the charger .. the battery is charging until it reach 100% and got Spark mark   


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