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 What M.2 Drives are compatible with the Legion Y530?



From the PSRef for the Legion Y530


The Legion Y530 can use any M.2 SSD that is NVMe compatible. While the 2.5" bay can be used with an adapter to handle SATA only M.2 disks, the actual M.2 slot will only detect NVMe SSDs.


The Yoga can use either 2242 (42mm) or 2280 (80mm) NVMe SSDs. 42mm SSDs require an adapter, which the 128GB SSD equipped models already have pre-installed. Optane or larger SSD equipped models may not have this adapter.

Some examples of compatible SSDs for the Legion Y530 include the Samsung 970 Pro/Evo and the Intel 600p/760p series SSDs.
If the installed SSD is a supported device, it will show in the UEFI firmware settings as Hard Disk 1



Source: PSREF for Legion Y530

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Can someone add some examples of ssd that will fit into y530 without any problems with size and got the MLC ?

The 960 Evo is a compatible MLC SSD that works with the Y530. Many NVMe disks have moved to TLC and QLC for their flash types.


If you are asking about inexpensive SSDs, it is not recommended to get SSDs other than the "name brand" (Samsung, Intel, Western Digital, Sandisk), as cheaper devices can cause performance and reliability issues.


Are you sure that samsung 960 evo got MLC ? Because i read everywhere that there is TLC. Only 960 PRO got MLC. Am i wrong ? I found corsair mp500 but it got high temps as i read. And i dont know if it fits well. Maybe its not so bad to buy ssd on TLC now ?

You are correct, only the 950 and 960 pros are MLC, as well as the OEM variant the SM-961. A bunch of SATA M.2 disks use MLC, but in the NMVe sector, further research shows most drives have moved on to TLC or QLC. The only ones I could find other than the 960 pro were the ones that could be considered off brand. 


You should be perfectly fine with TLC flash and even to an extent QLC, even though there's only the Intel drive with QLC


 I have a further question. I am planning to buy a SATA ssd (West Digital blue, with M.2 connection), but it seems this slot only supports nvme pcie. Does anyone know whether SATA ssd will work on this machine?

The machine will not recognize an m.2 ssd if it's not PCIe.


The configuration with only a 512gb ssd, will it be nvme? 

The only model I can see that comes with a 512GB SSD is the Y530 with the 1060. However there is a choice of either a SATA 2.5" SSD or the NVMe, so it appears that it can be either.


I installed a 512GB Intel 760p NVME and the laptop started with blue screens and freezing. I swtiched it with a 250GB Samsung EVO 860 and I havent got any blue screen or freeze so far. There is a problem with that 512GB 760p on this laptop.


I am using an ADATA SX8200NP NVMe SSD of 480GB and everything goes nice!!


The SX8200 delivers up to 3,200/1,700 MB/s of sequential read/write throughput,



I use an Intel SSD 660p 1TB, M.2 (SSDPEKNW010T801/SSDPEKNW010T8XT/SSDPEKNW010T8X1).


Works great, but the SSD is not pretty fast when it is fully written! So it depends on your workload if this is the right SSD for you:


I saw another thread where another user used Intel Optane memory to speed up a slower SATA 2.5" drive and it seemed to perform quite well. That might be a better solution than going with a 1TB QLC drive such as the Intel 660p.


For me, no spinning parts in mobile devices! I took the Intel 660p because of the low power consumption. For a better overall performance I would prefer a Samsung 970 EVO or something similar.


I have been using Crucial's P1 with 1000GB NVMe M.2 SSD, I believe it has been working well.



Not sure about why it is still up to to 512 GB for PCIe SSD, must mean that pre-assembled systems will only have that much installed, but why?   The storage options for the Y540 are even fewer, but with the same SSD amount offered.legionstorage.png


I'm also struggling whit the m. 2 512gb nvme capacity. 

Can anyone confirm that 2tb NVME Samsung EVO PLUS 970 OR 2TB  EVO 960 can be installed on this machine?

the listed "Up to 512GB" is the available configurations from the Lenovo store. the machine will take any M.2 disk, as long as it is PCIe/NVMe and not SATA M.2


I was sort of leaning on that thought.   However, the question, why?

My guess is that when they build the machines they only test them around the available configurations you can buy. It probably makes it easier to test/load the machines if the amount of configurations is limited.