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Extreme cooling is one of the four basic features of Lenovo Nerve Sense, which increases the cooling performance of your machine and reduces its temperature:


LNS Extreme Cooling.PNG


The feature gets automatically disabled when you restart your machine or the machine goes into sleep.

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can i get extreme cooling i cant find that


Hi.... What if my Lenovo Nerve Sense didn't provide me the extreme cooling feature.... Although it is latest version ... Need steps by steps tutorials... Thank in advance...


 is it safe if extreme cooling is on for long periods?
It really is making a diffrence for me on Lenovo Y700 .
not sure if it's safe for this option to be enabled like 24/7...
I wouldn't want my fans to be damaged as much as I wouldn't my cpu and gpu get overheated.

Hello kahshi27,


its perfectly safe, you do not need to worry Smiley Wink The function is there to be used, so don't hesitate to take advantage of it Smiley Wink


Hi KiraChong94 & GANESHRUN456,


you are probably both missing some drivers in your machine. Please check Lenovo Companion for missing drivers and install all remaining ones.


Best regards,




Hi Juraj_Lenovo, 

I have checked my Lenovo Companion regarding the step mentioned by you... but the Lenovo Companion shown me that all drivers updates are latest version... If you can note down the specified driver that cause our Lenovo Nerve Sense didn't has the Extreme Cooling feature... then I believe that would be better for us to proceed to get it in right way and easier.... Thanks in advance....

Best Regards,

Hi KiraChong94,


if all the drivers are up to date, try reinstalling the latest Version of Lenovo Nerve Sense from the 22.5.2017. If its not working as expected afterwards, please create a new discussion thread under the appropriate board.


Best regards,






Hi Juraj, 
    I have been update to latest version of Lenovo Nerve Sense but it is not as expected.... Could you please advise me the title for new discussion? I did comment in a discussion but there is no reply or useful solution can solved my problem for my laptop.... Lenovo Nerve Sense 01.pngLenovo Nerve Sense 02.png
Therefore, I really need solution and help to solve these problems or you can private message me and I will post to a discussion for others? .... Thanks in advance... 
Best Regards,
Kira Chong



Why does the extreem cooling function not apearing on my Nerve sense as you can see I'm already running the latest versionCapture.PNG


Capture2.PNGNeed some solutions please

Best regards,



Extreme* sorry for the wrong spelling


I am using Y520. I can get the nerve sense to start but i don't see any of those extra features, and I have already updated all the drivers and nerve sense to the latest one, why is that? Smiley Sad


How i install Lenovo Nerve Sense ? 


Same problem. Brand new fully updated version of Lenovo Nerve sense plus all drivers updated through Companion and still no cooling feature.


 just update your bios to the latest



For those defective issues.... I will recommend to send your machine to the customer service there, my machine has been settled the Lenovo Nerve Sense issue. But bear in mind, those people might not know what is "Lenovo Nerve Sense", but you can tell them your machine software not responding... ask them to format or chane hard disk or whatever~ hope this will help the rest of Y series laptop users~ :-p