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Prevent mistaken input is one of the four basic features of Lenovo Nerve Sense, which turns off the Windows Key & the touchpad in order to prevent unwanted inputs while gaming:


LNS Prevent mistaken input.PNG


When the setting is activated, you can also specify to disable only one of the two, if you should wish to leave one of them functioning.

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Hello, it would be amazing if the keyboard shortcut like alt+shift would be disabled as well once this option is enabled, I quite frequently accidentally change keyboard language which disables some of the hotkeys in game itself.

Or alternatively you could give the consumer an option to set it up themselves which shortcuts or keys they want to disable ingame, for instance I think many of us dont want to keep turning on and off keys like "Caps Lock" and stuff as well, which may be sometimes accidentally clicked as it's near shift/tab key.


Hello, i had this problem where the Preven mistaken input doesn't work. I was playing and my touchpad still works while my prevent input mistaken is enabled.. btw i think the Lenovo nerve sense seems to not detect the game after lauching it. please help me. thanks