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Lenovo Nerve Sense: Sound Enhancement


Sound Enhancement is one of the four basic features of Lenovo Nerve Sense, which lets you enhance the sound output to your headphones / speakers. When turned on, this feature maintains volume levels, prevents distortion and creates a surround sound experience.



The feature significantly enhances the immersion while gaming. While this feature can be a great addition while you're playing racing games, first person action games or while listening to music, competitive players might want to leave the feature turned off as its making footsteps (or other, very subtle sounds) in competitive games slightly more difficult to hear (Counter-Strike, Battlefield, ect.).

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Sri154 On 2017-10-14, 6:45 AM

With the new update of moto e4+the main features of the device like fingerprint sensor, sound decresed,and some times sims are not recognized so plese rectify this problem 

SatansBiach On 2018-09-04, 20:11 PM

I've recently had to format my Y520, and because of that I had to re-install the Lenovo Nerve Sense.


Yet with the new install the Sound Enhancment Isn't showing up..

I tried updating and reinstalling yet again.


What else can I do? 


Simoness On 2019-01-14, 1:33 AM

I have Lenovo Vantage inn my Y530. Isn't it the newer version of the Lenovo Nerve Sense? And so if not, should I install it?

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