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Lenovo Nerve Sense


Lenovo Nerve Sense is a Tool running in the Background on Gaming Systems, which provides a basic overview of your Systems resources (CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD).



Lenovo Nerve Center is also providing the following features:



Upon clicking on one of the above mentioned features, you will be redirected to the Knowledgebase-Article dedicated to this feature.


The Settings of Lenovo Nerve Sense (accessible through the Gear-Symbol in the top left corner) provide access to General Settings, Hotkey Settings and the Update function. You can see the Settings which you are able to change below:



Lenovo Nerve Sense can be downloaded from the following Link from the Lenovo Support Page.


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trinhnguyen On 2017-11-04, 19:31 PM

Hi there,

Could you please tell me how to completely remove your Lenovo Nerve Center from my Thinkpad P50? 
I installed it by curiosity and now just want to kick it away from my system. 
I removed it. I disabled it from starting up. 
But looks to me it still starts up along with the system, the system tray icon is still there no matter how hard I tried to kill it. I even pressed Exit from the systray context menu but it didn't exit. Are you spying me? 
What are you going to explain about this suspicious behavior of the so-called Lenovo Nerve Center? 
I'm really concerned about letting you guys control the system without my permission. I need an answer. I'm very frustrated. 
Look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks, Trinh Ng.

jusyen20 On 2017-12-14, 18:02 PM


I am having problems with Lenovo Nerve Sense which has script error and also I ended up uninstalling it which I can't find a way to regain back. Are there any solutions to this problem?


Computer type: Lenovo Legion Y520 

Nekama On 2018-01-01, 18:43 PM

Hi,I bought last week aY920.In it's Lenovo nerve sense we can change the backlit colours of the keyboard,it has 4 ways to enlighten the keyboard.Up to now everything works!But when I try to change the colours of each key,or even the WASD keys,it does not change nothing!The colours remain the same.The program is up to date,and I'm looking for someone who could help me.Lenovo itself sent me here!^^


Majestic On 2018-03-28, 11:23 AM

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