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Utilizing the NVIDIA GeForce Graphics of your Legion Y530

Note: some of these steps also apply to any other Legion or Lenovo gaming latop with Optimus and GeForce Graphics. Intel drivers are specific to laptops with 8th generation Intel CPUs.


Note: Not all applications will run on the NVIDIA GPU, even when selected.


Symptoms : NVIDIA GPU Doesn't seem to activate when needed, or NVIDIA control panel is missing.



Right click the desktop, and see if the context menu shown shows "NVIDIA Control Panel." If not, proceed to step 1a under solution. If it does, proceed to the next diagnoses below.



If you are trying to get an application to run under the NVIDIA GPU, there are two options. One is to temporarily run it on the NVIDIA  GPU, the other is to configure it to always run under that GPU. If you want to have it run on the NVIDIA  GPU once, proceed to step 1b, otherwise go to step 1c





 1a Download both the latest Intel GPU Drivers and GeForce graphics drivers (making sure to select notebook for the GeForce drivers) 


Intel - Download the driver marked latest and named "Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10"
Nvidia - Use the search feature, selecting your graphics card, OS and other relevant options, and download the latest driver (examples below)



Install the Intel drivers first, and then the NVIDIA  drivers, as the drivers for the NVIDIA GPU may not install properly without them.


1b) To configure the option to add "run with graphics processor" to application context menu, right click the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. then click the menu at the top named "Desktop." Finally, make sure the option 'Add "Run with graphics processor" to Context Menu' is checked. (you can also check "Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area") This will allow you to see if an application is running on the GPU. Proceed to step 2.



1c) To permanently configure an application to run under the Nvidia GPU, right click the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Then on the left side, select "Manage 3D Settings." On the right pane, select the tab labeled "Program Settings." If you see the program you are looking for in the list, great! Select it, and change the dropdown to "High-performance NVIDIA Processor" Proceed to Step 2b. If you don't see the application in the list, click add, then browse to the location of your application. once its added, follow the same step to change the dropdown to "High-performance NVIDIA Processor," then proceed to step 2.



2) If you didn't enable "Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area," please do so now from the "Desktop" menu at the top of the application.


If you are running the application using the context menu, fund the shortcut for the application you want to run.  If its on the start menu, you may need to right click the shortcut, open the "More" menu, and select "Open File Location." Then right click the shortcut and use the "Run with graphics processor" menu. once you select the NVIDIA Option there, the program should open, the icon in the task tray should go from grey to colored, and if you click on it, it should show your application.  


If you configured it to run the application on the NVIDIA GPU every time, open the application that you configured. The icon in the task tray should go from grey to colored, and if you click on it, it should show your application.






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alex5723 On 2018-08-30, 10:07 AM



Many thanks for your excelent walk-thru post.

My new y530 dosn't have any Nvidia software installed and Nvidia 1050Ti was never utilized so far in my daily use:



Just in case of need I checked the steps in this post starting with downloading Intel's UHD 630 driver.

The problem : 

 Latest version of Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 is Under : This Download is valid for products list below: my i7-8750H CPU is missing.

Current Intel drive installed is : from 6/11/2018. This driver doen't appear on the list of drivers on Intel's site.


Fullmetal99012 On 2018-08-30, 12:01 PM

Interesting. Intel may not have updated the compatible products list. From the Intel download site is what I am currently running for the graphics on my 8750H.

alex5723 On 2018-08-30, 15:07 PM

Thanks. Just installed the Intel driver and 'the sky didn't fall' :-)

Will wait some time until testing the Nvidia driver/software.


I am very cautious with installing anything on my Windows laptops as this is a working 24/7 machine.

90% of software running is portable.



alex5723 On 2018-09-03, 7:30 AM



Tried to install today Nvidia's drivers and got the same incompatible Nvidia driver error.

I was hoping to refrain from installing GeForce Experience software which many flag as buggy.


The Nvidia driver installed looks like an Intel driver ?


Fullmetal99012 On 2018-09-03, 7:43 AM

I use Geforce Experience on my desktop and the legion as it was required for GameStream. 




Driver version looks OK, its just the way device manger shows it.


Device manager isn't showing an exclamation point, so the device is loaded in windows, just seems to be missing the control panel.

alex5723 On 2018-09-03, 8:01 AM

Any idea why I get the incompatibily error and how can I fix it ?

Will running update driver or uninstalling and let Microsoft reinstall may help ?

Fullmetal99012 On 2018-09-03, 8:06 AM

Not sure on the incompatibility. When I did the driver install it was on a completely fresh install of windows. 


It seems similar to my W530 issues, where if any piece of the lenovo drivers for intel graphics existed, the nvidia driver from their site would fail to install.


As a last resort, I would try installing the nvidia driver package from the lenovo drivers page. 

alex5723 On 2018-09-03, 8:13 AM

 I haven't seen Nvidia driver package on Lenovo site. There is only a Nvidia VGA for y530. 


ps. I don't game and don't have Nvidia Shield :-)

Fullmetal99012 On 2018-09-03, 14:35 PM

The nvidia (vga) package Is the nvidia driver for the y530, just repackaged.

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