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Activating Lenovo Y720 Backlit keyboard

Good morning,


I reacently upgraded my harddrive to a M.2.

After installing windows 10 my keyboard went off and the function key (FN + SPACE) do not work.


It is my understanding that you need the lenovo nerve center(sense) app to be able to use the backlit keyboard function.

However every Nerve Center(Sense) app i download from lenovo site, does not give me the option to turn on the lights. I have dowloaded the Y520, Y720 and Y900 - they all seem not the have the LED Keyboard funtion. 


Please assist me to the correct version.



P.S - I notice on review videos on youtube that the Y720 keyboard backlit work while they run the Lenovo Center app, but on their app the Keyboard fuction is also not displaying as a option. Is there a other way to activate the keyboard backlights?


Hope to hear from you soon.



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