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What's DOS?
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Black screen/touch pad issues


Just hoping anyone can help me with this problem. I've recently bought the Lenovo Legion Y740 for both gaming and school. The laptop was functioning normally for about a month and a half until I noticed problems with the trackpad. The trackpad would stop working and I found it annoying how solutions to this problem required clicking when the trackpad was clearly not usable. I also found it annoying how I have to plug a mouse in just to use the cursor to try and fix the problem. Most solutions involved uninstalling the device, making sure everything was up to date and restarting the laptop itself. What I found to be most annoying is that I, as well as many other people, have tried troubleshooting when there is an error but the only thing that comes up is a message saying that everything is up to date and working properly when everything is not clearly working. I saw that approx. 6000 had the same issue and there was barely any other solution. My 2nd problem now is that my laptop is stuck with a black screen. The reason for this is because I tried to restart after uninstalling the device. I tried every method such as unplugging the adapter, holding the power button with Shift and F8 and NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING! My keyboard lights are on but there is just a black screen. If anyone had any problems like these and have solutions, please help!

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