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C Storage Full Tried Many Solutions to partition/access space on D - problem remains unresolved

The C drive on my Lenovo Y700 is full (I have defraged, deleted, and exhaused all simple solutions). I have attempted to follow many methods for accessing space on the D drive, many of which are suggested in this thread 


The problem I am running into is that there is no room on the C drive for me to shrink the volume, or manupulate it in any other way. (This never seemed to be a reasonable solution to me, but it was suggested in the thread to another user who was having the same issue.)


It seems that I have to access space from the D drive, and add it to the C drive. This can not possibly be that complicated of an issue, but like innumerable others, I've been trying everything I can for months and the problem is unresolved.



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Re: C Storage Full Tried Many Solutions to partition/access space on D - problem remains unresolved

It seems like your C: is an SSD whereas the D: is the HDD.


You cannot allocate space from D: to C: like that. They are physically different disks.

You may have too many obsolete things on your C drive because ideally windows should take about 20GB initially.

My documents with a lot of saved games can probably grow but not as much as that.


You need to install some software on the HDD, rather than put everything on the SSD.

I have a similar setup and still got about 35GB free on my SSD because I install games and non-critical software on the HDD. Also, downloaded files go to the HDD.


Does that answer your question to some extent?

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