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Can't pair my Xbox One controller with Legion Y720

Hello everyone! Today I have received the Xbox One controller I bought on internet and I couldn't connect it to my Lenovo Legion Y720 laptop Smiley Sad. I have read every post in this forum and also watched a few videos on YouTube and I can't make it work.


Just to be clear:

  • My Legion Y720 has the Xbox One wireless adapter built in. I have enabled it in "Airplane mode" settings.
  • According to Windows device manager, I have "Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows" (under "Network adapters") installed with its latest drivers (also installed the one available at the Lenovo website) and it says that it has no problems.
  • I have tried pairing my controller following the steps on the controller manual: Press the Xbox button in the controller for 3 seconds (until the white light blinks) and then, in Windows, go to Settings > Devices > Add other device and wait. The light on the controller blinks, but I wait and the device does not appear.

Exact controller model: Xbox One EX6-00006 controller (click here to see where I bought it. It's the official Xbox store in Argentina).


Exact laptop model: Lenovo Legion Y720-15IKB.


That's pretty much everything I have to say. If more details are needed just request them and I'll provide them.

Greetings and thanks in advance! Smiley Happy


Note: I forgot to mention that I have disabled the "Selective Suspend" and Allow Windows to power off this device to save energy options in "Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows" properties.

Posts: 12
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Re: Can't pair my Xbox One controller with Legion Y720

Well, nevermind. I found out how to solve this.


What did I do? After powering on the Xbox One controller (pressing for 4 seconds the Xbox button), I pressed the signal button (located on the back of the controller, between the L1; LT and R1; RT buttons) until the light on the Xbox button started to blink faster than before. Then, my Legion Y720 was able to locate the controller and I paired them successfully.


I hope this solution works for you too! Smiley Happy

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Re: Can't pair my Xbox One controller with Legion Y720

I am having same issue with Flex 5. Brand new with all Win 10 and hardware updates. It fails to login to Xbox and even if does succeed, it somehow looses the connection and goes back to log in. My 10 year old Acer tablet has no problem logging in xbox while this brand new machine keeps complaining the it has lost network connection.


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