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Compatible heatsink for y720 ssd m2

I recently bought a Legion Y720 and i love it and i wanted to make it cooler. First, i changed the cpu and gpu thermal paste with an Arctic mx-4 and i gained almost 10'C (wow). Next, i wanted to add a heatsink to its excellent m2 ssd 512 gb from samsung. So i bought a passive cooling kit for M.2 SSD from Akasa (A-M2HS01). I installed it and when i wanted to close the back plate, bump, i just couldn't because the heatsink is too tall (height) and can't fit if we want to put the cover back.
I wanna hear your opinions on the following:
1.what m2 ssd heatsink is 100% compatible with the inner space of Y720? (maybe i can add one afterall) i really need a heatsink for it? I know, it gets really hot in load (playing games), it used to go up to 102'C but i removed its glued sticker (samsung model details) and now it get a bit cooler, goes up to 88-90'C.
3. If lenovo or samsung knew functioning without heatsink will endanger its normal operation and drastically reducing its lifetime cycle, why would in the first place samsung sell this without it and, second, why lenovo installed it like this, without heat protection. 
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Re: Compatible heatsink for y720 ssd m2

my advice is:

use thick thermal pads and place on top of SSD  to touch the aluminium housing

You will not need any glue because pads are flexible and can have very good contact.

I already done and not any issues with temperature.

aluminum hitsink can't recomand because it very difficult to fix and will create only problem



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Re: Compatible heatsink for y720 ssd m2

I want to share my thoughts because i have update:i've replaced the Akasa heatsink with an Alphacool HDX M01 which fits barely (it slightly touches the keyboard connector below but doesn't push hard on it so it's ok) but what a huge difference afterwards. I installed it using its both heatsinks (aluminium heatsinks on both sides on top of one 0.5mm thermopad above and one 1 mm thermopad on empy side below).

Down to 64-66'C from 85-90'C. It's simply amazing what difference makes this heatsink on ssd m2 pcie!

So, to answer the 3 questions:

1) this model Alphacool HDX M01 fits so check one! From what i realize, slim models fit, without any aluminiums high pins, tall pins. Look for flat aluminium heatsinks with thermal pads.


2) definatelly, it's not a "must" , it's a "have to"  if you want the  ssd ms2 pcie to perform and to last. The results with heatsink are simply amazing, similar with what i experienced when i replaced thermal on cpu&gpu with Arctic mx-4


3) lenovo should think twice about not incorporating a heatsink for ssd in their models. After all, samsung deliver oem parts, lenovo should apply any add-ons. After all, the cost of a heatsink is not material (10-15$)so why not put it inside???


Picture below was taken after 1h running on 3dmark timespy benchmark. Without heatsink, 85-90'C in a matter of minutes. Check also the cpu temps and see there is no throttling anywhere

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Re: Compatible heatsink for y720 ssd m2

now i see your point. this could be a solution. How thick should thermal pad be?very thick so it could touch the upper aluminium cover surface. But very good idea not need an aluminium heatsink anymore. However, thermal pads with aluminium heatsink are not expensive at all...

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Re: Compatible heatsink for y720 ssd m2

I wonder if this has been tried on a 330? The M2 in my 17ICH is idling at 48, heading to 55 under mild use (word processor, web browser)

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