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Could the Lenovo's Y-700 dedicated graphics card be upgraded?

Hi to all,

I have just bought the Lenovo Y-700 ,and it is awesome!

I would like to know if its graphics card could be upgraded (I plan to upgrade it in the future) ?


Thanks to all on advance!

Best regards!



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Re: Could the Lenovo's Y-700 dedicated graphics card be upgraded?

The quick answer is no, since the dedicated graphics are built in the system/motherboard, and thus cannot changed, unless by chance a newer upgraded system/motherboard is released that just happens to fit inside your existing laptop, which is probably unlikely.  


Laptops are great because of their portability, but If you want upgradability, you are definitely better off buying a desktop tower.


FYI - If you want to see exactly what is inside your laptop, check out the exploded views of the Y700 that begin around page 74 of the ideapad Y700-15 17 Series Hardware Maintenance Manual.



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Re: Could the Lenovo's Y-700 dedicated graphics card be upgraded?

Hi, I had the same problem. I came to ask if I could change the motherboard which is in the graphic card. 

My reason changing the motherboard is not because i have problem with the motherboard. Its that 

its in the graphic card and I realy wanna change the graphic card of my lenovo y 700 17,3.

I wanna change it because it can run big games like the witcher 3 in really low graphichs 

so Im prepared to change the motherboard if there is a stronger graphic card in it.

But  the main reason is the graphic card because its weak so how could I upgrade it 


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