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DPC Watchdog Violation and other issues

2020-03-24, 2:43 AM

Hello guys,


First I want to thank you for taking your time and trying to help me.


So here is the thing, I bought my Lenovo Y530 in August last year and from that day I've had only problems with it. First thing that happend is battery died not even a month into me using it and I wasn't even using the laptop everyday since my school hasn't started yet and I had PC to use. So my battery just died they had to replace the battery and I ended up waiting almost 3 months to get my laptop back, after I got it back it was holidays and again wasn't using the laptop. After again starting to work on it and play games I just happend to run into issues. I got BSOD with loud buzzing sound without me doing anything, I was legit chilling on my bed browsing my phone when laptop just started buzzing and BSOD popped up, I recorded it and I went to retailer and told him, they took the laptop for 15 days to "test it out" and they said everything is fine there is no problems with your device, after me getting the device I started playing games and random freezes started to happen, it would just drop frames from 80 to 30 and I am talking here about League of Legends, I have frame rate capped at 80 and I didn't have problems with this before. And then came another BSOD series with dpc watchdog violation, now it happens every hour of me using the device randomly, either I am surfing web, using discord, playing games, programming or something else.


I tried to update IDE ATA Controllers, Update my graphics card, Update SSD and HDD firmware, reinstall windows, downgrading windows 10 to lower version, I have tried almost anything there is on the internet and I still can't get this fixed. 


I hope someone had similar issue and I just want to know if this is hardware failure or is it software related, because I have tried almost everything there is.



Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WiiyyMvgJ8HC4ppcRNLFsUihrJsiXx5v/view



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DPC Watchdog Violation and other issues

2020-08-01, 12:37 PM
I also keep getting these errors..
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