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Fanfold Paper
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Double Driver Installation?

Hello everyone. I recently did a fresh install of Windows 10 (1803) on my Lenovo Y720.

As with all Windows 10 installs, it also installed its own set of drivers from Microsoft.

To make sure that all the drivers were actually present, I also downloaded and installed all the drivers from the Y720 download area on the Lenovo website (with the exception of some of the Lenovo bloatware). 

Would installing the drivers from Lenovo over the top of the Micorosft installed drivers cause any issues? 

Can this lead to hardware instability, or am I just worrying over nothing?

Any help or advice with this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

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Re: Double Driver Installation?

Hi @murdobytes,


Welcome to the Community,


I would avoid installing drivers and download Lenovo Vantage. The program will tell you exactly what to download and give you the most recent and accurate drivers.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Double Driver Installation?

Hey Miguel,

Thanks for the quick reply! As I mentioned previously, I have already installed the drivers for my device from the Lenovo website.

However, before I did this, I did install Vantage but it only found two drivers to udpate after the fresh Windows isntall, whch is why I installed the rest of the drivers from the website. Can you advise if this is going to cause any issues i the future?

Best regards,



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Re: Double Driver Installation?

Hi there


Installing drivers for the same applications that already have new drivers installed should cause no problems. The drivers should actually not get installed in the first place.


If you install drivers for items that were not covered by Microsoft, then those should be installed perfectly and again, cause no issues.


The only thing to worry about is the BIOS update, which should be performed carefully. Check the Instructions file before instaling any BIOS. Thanks.

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