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Fanfold Paper
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FSX:SE Numeric Keypad on Y720 not working to control aircraft

I have a Legion Y720 and have downloaded FSXSmiley FrustratedE. All works fine except numeric keypad controls. The only fix I have so far is a USB keyboard (not a great fix).

For FSX controls (bank left, bank right, pitch up, pitch down) requires the numeric keypad but with NumLock off. Unfortunately when you turn NumLock off on the Legion keypad, the jeys no longer function as they do on normal keyboards.


As stated, the only solve for this is a USB keyboard, but is there a way to make those keys function again for the game? I do not want to lose PrtSc especially. But I do not use any of the other controls. In fact, I am unsure what the "Y" in a circle on the 7 key even does.


Thanks in advance for your advice.

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