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Paper Tape
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GTX 960M working only after entering BIOS during boot - otherwise, error 43

Hello to everyone on the forums!


I have a strange issue with my Lenovo Y700. Here's the thing: everything works just fine, along with the GPU (I tested it, there seems to be no hardware issue, since the GPU works just fine in demanding 3D applications), but the GPU only works after I access BIOS during boot! Without that, the card is not working at all, and Windows 10 says the card was stopped because it encountered errors (the infamous error 43). That started happening after updating to the latest BIOS version.


This seems completely random, although I have tested multiple times and the result is always the same - tens of restarts without accessing BIOS, and I get the error every single time; similarly, I get the card to work properly every time I access BIOS during boot. No turning on/off of the card, no drivers reinstalls inbetween. Simply: start without accessing BIOS - not working, restart with access BIOS on the way - working, another restart with no BIOS - not working.


I am using the latest video drivers from NVIDIA (375.70), I have had ~369 previously and saw the same issue. I tried updating BIOS again, but it won't let me install the same version on the current one (screenshot of my BIOS version attached). I'm on a fresh install of Windows 10, 64bit (same thing happened on the old system installation, so it seems irrelevant).


Additionally, when I was trying to update BIOS, cdcn53ww.exe said "your machine does not match with this bios", while after accessing BIOS before system start, the application didn't see that issue (although it wouldn't update anyway, since I already have that BIOS version).


I have no idea what to do, I know I could just try remembering to always access BIOS during boot, but why would I? Something is certainly wrong.


Thank you in advance for all your help.


Kind regards,



Mod's Edit: Image of BIOS screen removed for the protection of member.  Screen image showed laptop's serial number.  Please edit image if you wish to repost it.  Thanks!


Bit Torrent
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Re: GTX 960M working only after entering BIOS during boot - otherwise, error 43

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Re: GTX 960M working only after entering BIOS during boot - otherwise, error 43

Error 43. This is a well-known problem with nvidia cards, no matter what laptop or nvidia GPU model. I encountered this many times, usually solving it by reinstalling windows and sticking with the nvidia drivers from lenovo site. One of the many things that worked for me was this: Go to BIOS, configuration tab, and change gpu dynamic switch to internal only (or something similar) After that save changes, reboot into windows, shut down the laptop. Power on the laptop, go into bios and change the gpu setting back to dynamic switch. Post back your results. Cheers


P.S you can also try to do static discharge by pressing the power button until it shutsdown and keep holding it for about 30seconds

I am a volunteer in this forum and also a lenovo user. If i helped you, click on the kudos button!

Paper Tape
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Re: GTX 960M working only after entering BIOS during boot - otherwise, error 43

Thanks for your answers.


Unfortunately, didn't help - I tried all of the above to no avail. GPU still starts whenever it wants. Since the original post, I have done a lot of reinstalling, updating, uninstalling of drivers (and two Windows reinstallations), only to find that once in, say, 10 tries, the card starts properly even if I don't "visit" BIOS on the way, and the other way round - it does happen sometimes that the card doesn't start if I do access BIOS while booting (although it does start in most cases). Drivers seem not to matter at all - it's all the same, whatever the version. When the card does start, it works perfectly until system reboot (I even ran 3dmark and scored almost exactly the same score as one I found in a similar-spec Lenovo Y700 review, so I'm absolutely sure there's no hardware issue involved).


I suspect it's because of the recent BIOS update (since it's the only thing I haven't tried uninstalling and installing over and over again a billion times). Is it possible? Can I safely downgrade to an older version, or should I wait for a new one? And how long does it take for a BIOS update to be published (given the last one was 2016-09-19)?


Do you have any other suggestions?

Paper Tape
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Re: GTX 960M working only after entering BIOS during boot - otherwise, error 43


I have found a solution to my 43 error.


I have downloaded the BIOS update from Lenovo website (CDCN53WW). The program wouldn't let me install BIOS, because I have already had the latest version (the same as I downloaded); in order to bypass that, I have unpacked the executable with 7zip. Then, once I had all the files unpacked, I opened the file platform.ini with notepad, and found this section:



I changed the value from 2 to 0, saved the file and ran H2OFFT-W.exe (which is the BIOS installer executable filename once unpacked). That let me re-install the same BIOS image. The error was gone after that process; I haven't seen it even once, and I have restarted multiple times.


I'm posting my solution here, in case anyone had a similar problem - BIOS reinstallation did solve it for me.


Again, thanks for your suggestions and time spent on solving the issue!


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Re: GTX 960M working only after entering BIOS during boot - otherwise, error 43

Not sure if this is the same issue but I have to hold down the power button for around 10 seconds for the system to boot up after it goes to sleep. then I have around four choices of startup (1. is normal another is something about bios). Is that the way this new Idea pad y700 with I5 processor should work starting it up?

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