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Gaming laptop with over 120hz refresh rate, MicroLED display?

Gamers should look not only for fastest laptop hardware, GPU's but also for higher refresh rate display because many traditional LCD displays and especially IPS panels have 60hz refresh rate which is bottleneck for FPS. I loved Y700 laptop, it's high contrast black, saturated and correct color IPS display but it's limited only to 60hz. New serries gaming laptops are starting to use 120hz IPS panels. People claim that can see difference even with 240hz displays. Eye can pick up low refresh rate which causes fatique, headache and scientists have determined that human eye can pickup even more that 2000 flashes per second!

So Lenovo should try improoving laptop displays for higher refresh rate. MicroLED display technology is promising and I have hopes to see them soon used for gaming laptops. OLED display already are more efficient, paper thin, produce beautiful saturated colors, perfect black and have high refresh rate. But microLED is even better since they have high brightness and do not burn out like OLED displays.

I guess even gaming mouse 1000hz polling rate would make more sense on faster display.

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