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Paper Tape
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Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem

Hello Guys,


I've trying to contact Lenovo Support Team but couldn't find any possible way to contact them.

I'm, however, having a hard time solving my Intel Graphics 530 problem.


I have a Lenovo Y700-15ISK Laptop, which is new and I got it band-new just a couple of days ago, but it is actually not a good start with Lenovo.


The problem is that my screen goes black sometimes, and I have to shut my laptop down and then turn it on again.

I tried troubleshooting the issue with Lenovo Solution Center and I got this error code: WVC007002-UL7XPG under the Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (Mathematical Operations Test).


I don't really know what should I do in this case, and how I can contact Lenovo since they have no possible way to receive emails from customer which is a really bad sign.


Any help would be apperciated.



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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem

Try updating the drivers for the Intel VGA  from this link -



The mathematical error will go away with the latest Intel VGA drivers.

Current System - Lenovo Y720
Y720 REVIEW - Youtube Link (Opens in New Tab)
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Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem


I'm trying to update the Intel VAG now.

Hope this will solve the black screen issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem



I was having nearly the same issues with my Y700 with the same hardware failure on the Intel 530 Graphics chip Mathmatical test. I just got off the phone with Lenovo support and they basically updated the Intel graphics driver with the latest beta drivers on the Intel website. The driver I had was the latest that is posted on Lenovo's page for my Y700 which was version ( The driver the support person downloaded was here version ( She did some update to the solution center and reran the hardware scan and my Intel 530 graphics now passes the mathematical test. She said the keyboard and touchpad freezing and screen flicker might be related to the old Intel VGA driver so updating the drivers might solve the issue. There are additional support things they can do to try to fix those issues but I figured I would see how it goes with the Intel driver fix first.


As for contacting Lenovo, there is a link on their support site to schedule a time for them to call you. I think you can do a live chat session too but that option isn't 24/7 like the phone support. Look under the Contact Us page. I believe you do need to put in your serial number to get all the options to contact them and I had some issues with getting my serial number put in to their form with Chrome. After putting in the info and clicking submit it would spin and never change the page showing it was accepted. I tried using IE and was able to get my serial number put in. Their support site has some issues but the support tech that helped me was pretty helpful and was able to get everything updated pretty quickly.


I'll keep you posted if I still have issues with the new drivers.


Good luck!

Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem



I updated my Intel(R) Graphics 530 driver and I don't see any problem so far.


Thanks for the help!

Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem

I am experiencing the same problem with my Lenovo yoga 700 intel graphic 520 with error number WVC007002-UL7XVM. Any solutions?

Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem



Have you tired updating your Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 Driver?

If not, here's how to do so:


Go to "Start > Settings"

Click on "System"

Then go all the way down to "Advanced display settings"

Then click on "Display adapter properties"

Click on "Properties" then "Driver" then "Update Driver"


And finally choose "Search automatically for updated driver software"


If there's an update, go ahead and follow the steps Windows will give you.

If Windows couldn't find any update, I suggest you re-install the driver by downloading the original driver for your laptop from Lenovo Support Website.


Best of luck,

Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem

This fixed the problem for me. A very simple solution. Thanks.

Paper Tape
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem

Going to try this specific driver. I had downloaded newer ones from Intel and they would not install saying use the Lenovo version.....Was there a trick to get these to install or is it this specific version will just work? Any info appreciated.

Token Ring
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Re: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Problem

By this u shoud install it most of the time,worked for me..... i have just now replied this to one and same applies here too jus follow up...Smiley Happy

Jus follow my steps currectly for installing updated INTEL GRAPHICS driver......


1.Disable any ongoing network(simply disable internet)..

2.Go to device manager->Display adapters->Intel HD 530->Uninstall driver & tick delete driver software->run it.....


4.Download intall this latest stable or Latest beta here...

5.Reboot now you have installed latest driver by Intel...

6.Reboot again now you can enable internet....( the reason i told u to disable internet because windows will automatically dowload some other unstable incompatible graphics driver and will create problem/or conflict with existing drivers)...


Report back




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