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Blue Screen Again
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Internet stops in my whole house when i turn on my laptop

Hi people, i recently came across a problem with my Laptop Lenovo Gaming Legion Y520. It started about two weeks ago, when i suddenly saw that when i turned on my laptop, the internet in my whole house went to 0.01 kB/s, but when i shut down my laptop the internet went back to full speed. I tried this to test this to a friends house and the result was the same, the internet went down as soon as i connected to his wi:fi. The wi;fi itself doesnt have any problems, this "bug" happens everywhere. The weird thing is that i don't even have to be connected to wifi at home for the internet to completely not work. I even tried disconecting from the wifi and puting the laptop on airplane mode, but just simply his presence makes the whole internet go down. I tried reinstalling 3 different windows 10 and nothing helped. I updated the network driver, but i didnt help. The problem is that nothing is downloading in the background, so i dont understand what the problem is. Even the laptop itself can't use the internet (i cant even google something because the internet is so slow), it just connects to the wifi and puts it to sleep for everybody in the house. This problem is very weird, any sugestion would help me. Thanks for your attention.

Punch Card
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Re: Internet stops in my whole house when i turn on my laptop

Hi Pyroar,


First update the BIOS, If the problem not solved, It could be a Hardware issue, Replace the Wifi card in your system. If not solved the Mother board has to replace.

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