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Keyboard freeze/stopping/disabled midgame

2018-06-02, 13:04 PM

hello and good day, all.
I come here with an enigma and a mystery
So here's what you need to know: I own this laptop (model Lenovo Y700-15ISK 80NV, ram 8gb, CPU i7). Sometimes, exclusively so far when I play games, the keyboard (inbeded in the laptop, this is a laptop, ok) stops working. The leds (for caps lock for example) are still lit, impossible to turn them off, or to change numlock, no hotkey works, and my game characters are stuck on the last command issued (keep walking left indefinitely).
What's interesting is also that the mouse works, as long as I don't unplug it and replug it, but that's completely sure.
Even more interesting, the shutdown button doesn't really work, and the computer cannot shut down by itself.
When the keyboard stops working like this (or is stuck, is that the word?) mid-game, I manage to return to the desktop by pluging in a phone in the usb, clicking in it's pop-up window, and voila, back to desktop. From there, I shut down the computer the usual way, through the menu, and everything will proceed, except for the shutting down. The screen will go black, as if shutting down, but that's it, everything keeps turning. So I have to kill it manually and I have to press and hold the shutdown button. Finally, most interesting and maybe most relevant: I have to hold the button for an unusually long time (like, 5, 6 seconds?) and it will make a loud "pop" electric noise when shutting down. When I turn the computer back on, everything works, until I'm 10 mins into a game and it all starts over again.

I think there might be something more than the keyboard, as the shutdown button seems unable to do it's simple job either (pressing it once does nothing)

I just remembered, but there is a problem with the game bar. When I do Windows key + G, the computer says "You'll need a new app to open this ms-gamingoverlay"

So, do you gentle ladies and men have any idea? I'm close to losing hope.
Ask me anything if you need precision. All this happened soon after the coputer got backed up after the April 2018 windows 10 update that **bleep**ed a lot laptops. Maybe re-installing the OS did something? Sounds weird.
Anyway, thanks.
Talk to you soon


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Re: Keyboard freeze/stopping/disabled midgame

2018-06-07, 13:39 PM

Hi ,


Welcome to the Community,


These seem to be symptoms of system drivers being out of date.


I suggest you run Lenovo Vantage to update any drivers and if that does not trick it might be good to back your data and do a clean install of windows.

Miguel Gonzalez

EMEA Consumer Technical Trainer
Lenovo Slovakia


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Re: Keyboard freeze/stopping/disabled midgame

2019-05-06, 14:38 PM
Hello! I think we have same laptops and i have the exact problem that you have.
It happens to me when i use 3D modelling programmes or render related procedures. And i realize that the keyboard is not working since i cant pan or do anything without it, and i cant even shut it up i need to press to the button for a long time to cut electricity but i dont want to do that all the time.. I wanted to ask if you could find a solution!

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Re:Keyboard freeze/stopping/disabled midgame

2020-06-06, 15:27 PM

I have the same problem, and i had actualized all drivers etc. but problem goes back for some time again once i can play whole day without problem next time i have keyboard freezes few times in an hour and need to reeboot Laptop to make keyboard work


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Re:Keyboard freeze/stopping/disabled midgame

2020-08-14, 9:54 AM

Please, did anyone solve this problem???

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