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Keyboard issue (Hardware) Legion Y520-15IKBN

Soon after I got my laptop, issues with my keyboard occured.


My "e", "g", "h", "Fn" and "-" keys sometimes entirely stopped working, I started searching for a way to solve my own problem and it turned out it was entirely a hardware issue.


A post on this very forum suggested I remove screws from beneath the laptop, it worked immediately, the problem was gone.


Until recenetly, it's starting to crawl back in slowly but surely, the buttons will stop working but furthermore, when they start, they type out 3 letters with 1 press.


I am extremely disappointed by such a major malfunction from my new laptop,and I hope this issue can be resolved without sending it to a Lenovo service, firstly because a person said it took them 3 weeks to return the laptop with "updated drivers", and secondly because the service of the retailer I purchased from, is in Romania, and it will take a considerable amount of time to wait for it to be shipped, fixed and returned.

What's DOS?
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Re: Keyboard issue (Hardware) Legion Y520-15IKBN

I have the same problem with the keyboard. I haven't found the solution, but I think I found the culprit. Everytime the NVidia kicks in, that's when the keyboard go haywire. I noticed it when I go to a certain app/game that uses NVidia, the keyboard screws up, but when I return to normal desktop, the keyboard somehow fixes itself. Then I tried disabling the NVidia, then the keyboard is running smoothly, except that the graphics are not as good as it is. I hope this will give some new insights to the solution.

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