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Paper Tape
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Lagging and Stuttering on Legion Y530.

Hello, before we started,  just wanna say that im new to this forums / community, and english isnt my main languange so bear with me, Thanks Smiley Happy


Alright, so ive been eyeing on gaming laptop and Legion Y530 catches my eye, and i got so into it and i dont want to buy anything other than this. The first week feels really good, everything goes smoothly, opening editing apps is so easy , and gaming feels really great. No stutter, lags, or crashes.


Now, its been two and a half weeks. The performance goes down massively, from the load time on windows into stuttering on games even desktop. The first time i experienced it i just updated the windows and the drivers, and it works. But then, 3 days from then its happening again. Lags, micro stutter, not responding, etc.


This is my first time having a gaming laptop, so expect me to be clueless.


I usually play Dota 2, CSGO, and Rainbow Six Siege. The problem lies with R6, where at the first week i have like  120-140 FPS, no stutter or lags at all. But now, i only got 60-70 FPS with lots of microstutter, and i dont know how to fix it.


I hope you guys within the forums can help me with my problems,  before i go to the store where i bought it to either use my warranty to replace it or fix it,i dont know.


Your kind response will be helpful to me, and ill thank you guys for it. Smiley Happy


My laptop : Legion Y53015ICH, core i5-8300H, Nvidia GTX 1050ti, win 10, Nvidia drivers ver 419.17.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lagging and Stuttering on Legion Y530.

I've experienced something similar with my brand new Y530, which came with Win 10 home pre-installed. On my first boot, I noticed severe microlags when opening a browser. The system would literally stand still for 0.3-1 seconds twice during the start of MS Edge. Lenovo's Vantage tool has a hardware check that showed faulty memory but, seeing that the problem did not occur in safe mode, I doubt that the micro-lags are the memories fault. I'd suspect a driver issue instead.


Edit: mine was an 81LB007KGE tho, so i7-8750H


Edit2: in case this is still relevant, my issue was fixed by "disabling NVIDIA powermizer" (see <>)

What's DOS?
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Re: Lagging and Stuttering on Legion Y530.

Hey I'm having the same issue, however, I can't seems to find the files in the registry to disable them? Help?

Paper Tape
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Re: Lagging and Stuttering on Legion Y530.

Yeah, some of the keys might not yet be there so you'll have to create them with the respective value.

There are a whole bunch of posts out there that describe how to disable powermizer, just follow any of them (for example <>) - good luck mate Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Lagging and Stuttering on Legion Y530.

me too have some stuttering issues while on desktop. The mouse freezes for some ms and it is noticeable and annoying.
I also haven't these registry keys in order to disable powermizer but I have set the laptop to work on intel gpu while on desktop. Only on some apps i have set the laptop to use the nvidia gpu.
Any thoughts on this problem?

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