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Laptop freezing/hiccuping randomly Y520

So I decided to pay a technician to check my laptop to see why the graphics whenever I play games would stutter. It was determined it was due to CPU overheating as the temps would reach up to 100+ Celsius. He replaced the thermal paste and the temps go upwards to 60 Celsisus. That's fine now.


However there is a huge thing I've noticed. The computer now will freeze/hiccup every 2 seconds while playing games, watching videos, listening to music. The technician believes that the motherboard was probably starting to go faulty from the overheating and when he was disassembling the laptop to replace the paste and then reassembling it, that it might of got affected which is causing these hiccups to happen.


My laptop is essentially a piece of garbage asside from checking my email and very basic uses of a computer I could get for $150 or so.

The main thing I really am mad about is Lenovo must of used a really poor quality thermal paste since my laptop is not even 2 years old. It's like they made it to fail, and with an expired warranty after a year I am screwed. I can't believe this honestly.


Who else has had this happen? Is there a solution? Am I screwed and have to just buy a new computer?

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