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Legion 7i - Vantage Edge is a joke and needs fixing ASAP

2020-09-17, 0:14 AM

I'm beyond frustrated at this point with something that should be a simple fix but still hasn't been resolved. 


I have the Legion 7i 144hz Screen and 2070 super. 


Lenovo Vantage is turning Overdrive on on the screen by default every time the laptop is turned on or awakes from sleep mode.

Overdrive doesn't work as intended so the screen becomes a blurry mess of ghosting on blacks. 

This means that unless I go through the same routine every single time I turn the laptop on (Press function and space four times to turn off the ridiculous default lighting of the keyboard and go into vatnage and turn off overdrive) then I am left with this blurry broken mess.


  1. Please sort out overdrive so it doesn't actually make gaming worse
  2. Give people the option to save settings. I don't want your app deciding what setting I want and turning things on I don't want by default
  3. Make it so that if I delete your app (which I don't particularly want on my laptop) it doesn't leave on the settings you decided I want! I delete the app and overdrive is still on!?
  4. Reply on your forums to people. What is the point of having these forums if you as a company don't recognise any of the issues or reply with any suggestions, or perhaps even just acknowledge you know of the problem. I dont see any way to get these problems resolved.
  5. For the love of god let us change the keyboard lighting so we don't have to have this awful rainbow effect every.single.time we turn the laptop on, it's boggles my mind that this was allowed to pass Q&A in the first place, and moreso that it STILL isn't fixed.


I don't expect this post to gain any traction or get anything resolved but it's a very poor customer service. I woudl have sent this laptop back within the 14 days but I stupidly assumed this things would obviously be spotted and fixed very quickly.





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Re:Legion 7i - Vantage Edge is a joke and needs fixing ASAP

2020-09-27, 22:54 PM

I second that 

Vantage should make our life easier not the other way around .

I made the decision to purchase legion i7 not the msi gs66 based on the fact that the hybrid mode is awesome as it preserves battery for productivity 

when you are not gaming , but i ended up disabling hybrid mode to get some battery life !

Also the Icue drains battery and there is no option to close front exhaust light without icue ! 

When restarting all lights come back to original state ! why? i already choose a mode from Ctrl+Q menu so it should stay after restarting .


I am sure Lenovo with their great support will come out with a solution sooner , its a significant investment made by purchasing this device so we should get the maximum benefit .


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