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Legion Y520-15IKBN Upgrading RAM (8+4gb)

I know this might be repeated question. But I would like to know a final answer to that.


I have a lenovo legion Y520-IKBN laptop, Orginially it came with 8gb of DDr4 memory.


It originally came with Ramaxel 01AG818(8gb single stick) which has a clock speed of upto 2666Mhz.

I have gone through the list of compatible RAM modules for my piece.




In total there were 18 possible replacement options


1)  For the FRU:01AG818 (which came with the original laptop) single channel, there were 9 substitutes. Does that mean, I can add one of those 9 substitutes for additional memory(i.e 8gb samsung/Sk Hynix to make it 8gb Ramaxel + 8gb Samsung/SK hynix). (Even though they are from different manufacturer but have same specifications on paper and are mentioned in the compatibility list.)


2) Assuming I am currently on budget and I am willing to purchase ram. Can I include a 4gb to enable the 4gb+8gb dual channel on the laptop.  

By the way this 4gb one having the FRU: 01AG829

Which is also manufactured by ramaxel, and the clock frequency(2666MHz) and CL(19) are same as in the case of original FRU(8gb variant).

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Re: Legion Y520-15IKBN Upgrading RAM (8+4gb)



take a look at this Thread:




I Y520ikbn 7300HQ I GTX 1050 Ti 2GB I 16GB RAM I SSD´s I
Punch Card
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Re: Legion Y520-15IKBN Upgrading RAM (8+4gb)

Thanks for the info. I have gone throught the other forums. I finally decided to get a 8gb+8gb(16gb ram in total). I installed the same FRU which I found on ebay and it perfectly works fine.

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