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Paper Tape
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Legion Y520 Dont Turn on -dont boot, no lights, no fan, no noise, nothing

Hello,,,, I bought SSD for my y520, and after install ssd the Windows wont recognize it , in Disk Manager, so I reinstall Intel Rapid Driver and the ssd appear on windows, but wasnt appear on BIOS, after remove HHD and SSD a lot o times to try to recognize, and try a lot o things, I Recovery the BIOS to Default Configs, and works, SSD appear on BIOS , so I could install Windows By USB Bootable,,,, After Install windows and all I need, I turn off the notebook to put all the Screws off HDD and carcass,  and remove the protection of the RAM to see which model of RAM was used and later put the protection back, later this I press the power button, and no signal ,,,, I look the led light of the AC Adapter and wasnt turning on, I test the AC Adapter whitch Multimeter and its OK, 20V ,,, So I removed everything again and mount again, nothing,,, so I removed the Baterry e CMOS Battery and let 20 Minutes and mount again and nothing,,, I removed all the flat cables and let some time, and nothing, removed the RAM and put again and nothing,,,, All that I try no signal of life,,, Here in Brazil dont have support to this model, only the y720 Smiley Sad    ,,,, Now I let him on Notebook Support that I trust,,,, But all  that I saw ,say that MB died ,,, or on best case the BIOS is break, but I try once to reset the BIOS removing both batteries,,,, But I see on a video a guy Reseting the BIOS jumping the + and - for a little seconds to reset,,, I dont try this , only removing and let some time without the battery,,,, Someone help me please,,, if the MB died Im dead ,,,,

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