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Paper Tape
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Legion Y520 drivers



So recently I was having issus with my laptop (Y520IKBN80WK) and I decided to reset it to factory settings.


I did this, because in my oblivious nature, having been an owner of a desktop previously, I updated drivers left and right without paying much attention. New equals better in my mind. Up to the point where my system got really unstable, and I started to read online, where people where saying you should only use lenovo certified drivers.


Okay so I reset my baby to factory settings. I installed no additional drivers myself. Now, I go to Y520 Lenovo supported drivers and I compare the recommended drivers to the drivers I actually have (using Speccy).


I noticed in particular, that my BIOS version is 4KCN44WW, but the recommended one is 4KCN40WW. The recommended Intel 630 driver is, but I have the version. There are more differences but I think those are my main "concerns".


I don't notice anymore bad behaviour from my system (it's only been one day), but I keep wondering, would my performance improve by rolling back those drivers to the recommended version? How come they are installed on factoy defaults, if they are not recommended in the first place?


Have a nice day folks,


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Re: Legion Y520 drivers

I never install drivers from Lenovo, nor from Microsoft. 

Lenovo is really very much behind in drivers updates.

I update drivers from vendors sites :Intel. nVidia...

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Re: Legion Y520 drivers

Driver updates aren't really going to impact performance. When changing drivers, you're changing how your laptop acts, hence the major differences you noticed.

If there's a driver that REALLY needs updating, the update will probably be shoved in your face through windows update or intel/nvidia software. I personally don't update drivers if there's no need to. Performance impacts are small at best, usually unnoticeable.

Factory default drivers are the latest drivers that computer functioned with when put together. Recommended drivers are very broad and not every person should have them. In your case, you can update your drivers (EDIT: Update them one at a time), see which ones cause issues, and rollback those drivers. Personally, I find no good reason to worry about the drivers. Hope this helps.

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