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Paper Tape
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Legion Y520 microphone issue

Hi guys


I have a bought a Legion Y520 a couple days ago, but i cannot get my headset mic to work. 

It has a combo jack which i read somewhere that it's only for external speakers or headphones/earphones but not for microphones which is strange because that's the point of the combo jack also it's a gaming notebook so you are expected to use headsets, but whatever.

I plugged in my earphones (AKG with mic  - got it with my Samsung Note 9), but the recording is very quiet, you have to literally shout to understand what you saying, and shouting in a long term not an option.

Mic settings are fine, i even put a 20db boost to microphone, also the sound drivers have been uninstalled and reinstalled (read somewhere that it would fix the problem), but no joy.

Today i went to the local shop and bought an USB jack adapter (plugs in to usb and has 2 outputs , mic and headphone) AND a cable, that splits to 2 inputs (mic and headphone), and the other end has 1  output which is where i plug my earphone in. 

First i tried with the USB adapter, didn't work. Then took the cable i bought, plugged the 2 ends into the adapter, and plugged the earphone in the other end. Didn't work either, it doesn't record anything, so now im out of options.

It does the same with every headset/earphones we tried, so it's not the earphone that is faulty. Also we tried the same headset with my wife's HP Pavilion, and it recorded the sound even from a couple meters. My son has a Dell with a combo jack, but it's working fine without any adapter.


Possible that the sound card is faulty? But that would not explain why it doesn't work with the USB adapter isn't it?

Built-in mic works fine, but i don't wanna use it if i can help it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-10-2019
Location: GB
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Re: Legion Y520 microphone issue

Bump. Anybody?

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