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Paper Tape
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Legion Y520 sudden and major performance drop! *HELP*

Hello everyone!

So I have had my gaming laptop Legion Y520-15IKBN for just over a year now. So far my gaming experience was perfect but suddenly my FPS has majorly dropped overnight for no reason... Re-installing my graphic drivers and updating any of them hasn't helped me. My GPU GTX 1050ti 4GB runs at 98-100% when any game is being played. I've no idea what to do and I'm really in need of help. 

I added some screenshots from ingame (playing on a 1440x1080 resolution).
So normally I was playing at high 100 FPS but now it's 50% less\

. (screenshots)


I will be really thankful for any help!

Paper Tape
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Re: Legion Y520 sudden and major performance drop! *HELP*

I have the same laptop (y520) with gtx 1050 2g and i 5 7300 HQ.  and 250 ssd. And I have lots of space on my ssd and ram. 

I have tried EVERYTHING.


- reinstalling gpu

- Deleting all malware and viruses 

- installing multiple performanse boosters like MSI afterburner

- And my temperature is 41 degrees in game. 

- Reboting the pc (twice)


Help me please too







What's DOS?
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Re: Legion Y520 sudden and major performance drop! *HELP*

It seems that it is caused by the 417.22 Geforce update. Reverting to the 417.01 fixes the issue. <- the one to download for the 1050ti notebook  Smiley Happy


Hopefully this will be fixed in the next driver update.

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