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Blue Screen Again
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Legion Y520 sudden performance issues

Full dxdiag dump.


Hey all, this will be a long one because I'll be detailing all of my testing I've tried to see what the problem may be, so I'll stick those parts in spoilers or something. A summary would be that I suspect my i7-7700HQ is throttling the system in games or when dealing with other 3D processes, however I have no idea why it may be doing that, seeing as temps and even %Usage are fine.


I have a Legion Y520 and as of yesterday, overnight, games I used to be able to run fine at well over 100+FPS (namely, Overwatch and Sniper Elite 3 being the two games I did tests on) are now running at sub-40 framerates, regardless of in-game settings. I made no changes to hardware or software, the laptop hasn't been moved from the desk in recent times (it basically acts as a desktop for me), game performance simply plumetted literally overnight, considering the fact that I was playing literally a few hours before booting up Sniper Elite 3 a 2nd time and noticing pathetic performance.


What I've tried so far:


- Full, clean reinstall of Windows 10, 3 times in fact. My first install I installed everything that I found in C:/DRIVERS that comes with a factory reset of the laptop. My second install of Windows I tried without installing any of them, and the third I only installed the GPU and CPU drivers, alongside more updated drivers found on the manufacturer websites after the fact.

- Enabling and Disabling the Superfetch service as specified to me in a Lenovo support email. Neither setting yielded any changes 

- Used the Lenovo Solution Center as specified in the aforementioned support email. It yielded no results.

- Tried enabling and disabling the two different GPUs in various combinations as well as installing/uninstalling them both, both in normal and safe modes

- Uninstalled and reinstalled the CPU drivers. Safe and normal mode




What I've concluded so far:


- I don't think it's a GPU issue because of my observations. MSI Afterburner (imgur link) changes nothing, it displays both the GTX 1050 as well as the integrated GPU. From these screenshots taken while Overwatch was running in Windowed mode you can see the 1050 is being utilized fully and the temps are no higher than 40. This is consistent to how the GPU ran before I ran into these issues. Changing the values to literally anything makes 0 difference to system performance, and in fact changing the values does nothing to change the Core and Memory clocks of the GPU, which I suspect Lenovo has locked us out of. 

-I think it's a CPU issue instead. Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility (I've tried default settings as well as everything up to -.130V ratios on the core offset, made no difference to the effects) however shows my processor clocking in at 1.1-1.5 GHz while the game was running (3.3-3.6 GHz during normal operations). Temps are consistently hovering around 44 and the CPU isn't even under load, and the utility itself claims that there is no throttling of any kind occuring. That large drop you see in the screenshot is when I launched Overwatch.

Windows' inbuilt resource monitor confirms both of the above

Obvious things:

It's running on a high performance power mode, the nVidia control panel has the GPU set as the default for both applications and as a PhysX processor, Laptop is plugged in and receiving power and everything is up-to-date, GPUs, CPUs, games, Windows, everything. All the usual tech tips have been tried to no avail.

The only thing I haven't done yet is to open the thing up, but I don't know if that will void the warranty.


So, I'm thinking that there's something wrong with the CPU, however Lenovo's own diagnostic software isn't throwing any flags, the temps never rise above 55 Celsius on any of the components and it never even rises above 30% usage. Is this a lost cause that I should just bring into a service center, or is there anything else that I can try myself before going down that route?


EDIT: Here's what happens when I closed out of Overwatch, the CPU jumps back to its usualy clockrate. This is definitely a CPU issue.


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Re: Legion Y520 sudden performance issues

Did you update the Graphics drivers recently because there is an issue with latest GPU drivers right now from NVIDIA.


Please roll back the drivers from the Device Manager or 

Uninstall the new drivers and install an old version of the drivers from NVIDIA website.



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Legion Y520 sudden performance issues

Reverting from the December 3rd (417.22) Nvidia driver to the November 26th (417.01) driver fixed everything. Thanks!

What's DOS?
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Re: Legion Y520 sudden performance issues

hey how do mi revert the update i have the exact same problem overnight my fps dropped in all games massively.
What's DOS?
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Re: Legion Y520 sudden performance issues

Hey dude ! Just Uninstall your actual GeForce Driver + Geforce experience, then Download the November version here :

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