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What's DOS?
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Legion Y540 2060RTX Fan noise

I just received my 17 Inch Legion Y540 Laptop, with RTX2060.

My only complain is the fan noise at load.  Is there a way to solve this?

It sounds like a jet engine at medium graphics load.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Legion Y540 2060RTX Fan noise

Hi guys. 


I encounter same issue with Y520 15 IKBM.

Here the laptop specs : I5 7300, 1060 GTX, 8Go RAM


Noise become loud when doing small operation like browsing or using application which don't require lot of ressources. 

What I found is that lot of gaming laptops have the same issue but worse is that Lenovo ones don't provide fans control. If you search "Lenovo fan noise" on Google or this forum, you'll find lot of topics dealing with it. But it happens with Asus ROG, MSI as well. 


The fact is, either laptop needs to be clean (due to dust prevent fan to work well) or it's set like that by Lenovo and we can't do anything... I found that if you change CPU maximum utilization and turn cool control into passive it works a bit better but the problem isn't fix. You should have a look at temp and cpu utilization. Maybe the turbo mode is working and it can trigger fan to increase speed. 



Adrian Gates
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What's DOS?
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Re: Legion Y540 2060RTX Fan noise

Same here, with my brand new Y540 (i7 + 1660ti). It's pretty quiet during normal use, and no crazy fan spinning, but it gets very loud with any game... I hope they will fix it via software. A better tuning of the Profiles in the Lenovo Vantage app is needed. So that Performance = loud and powerful, Quiet = silent and power limited (would be still ok with many games).

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