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Legion Y7000-2019-PG0 Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 81T0 RAM Upgrade

2020-10-17, 8:56 AM

Hey all,


I've bought the above mentioned laptop about 1yr ago and I wanted to check if I can upgrade it's RAM to 16 Gb but I have a few concerns about the process. I've also attached a snip of the RAM details currently installed on the laptop. It also has a i5 9300H CPU@ 2.4 Ghz


  1. The memory stick currently installed is 1x 8Gb single channel 2666 MHz and the one that I would like to add to it is 1x 8Gb Dual Channel stick 2666 Mhz (HyperX Impact, 8GB, 2666MHz DDR4, CL15, SODIMM) and I want to make sure that it would be compatible with what's installed already.
  2. The laptop is still inside the standard warranty and I wanted to verify if I can make the upgrade myself without voiding the warranty. The laptop was purchased through one of the local retailers (eMag) and I got conflicting information when contacting them and their authorized repair center. The cusomer support team said that it's fine for me to make upgrade myself without voiding the wrranty as long as the laptop isn't damaged in the process while the service rep said that it's mandatory for me to bing the laptop in for the upgrade so they can do it for an additional fee (of course)


Bottom line the concerns are if it's okay to add one additional 8Gb stick of RAM even if it's running in dual channel and the one installed in the laptop is running single channel and if can someone confirm that I can upgrade the RAM myself without voiding the warranty.


P.S. I'm located in Romania (if this detail helps out)


Thank you!

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