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Fanfold Paper
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Legion Y720 freeze issue

Hi there,


I just spend 30 min on support line, first time someone hang up on me after I explained my problem, second time someone hang up just after picking up my call! This is just madness..


Anyway here's my problem, my laptop just freeze on random occassions, I can play game, browse internet, watch movie or even don't use it at all just have it open, and it just freeze. On screen I see blinking lines, or full screen go weird with pixels and colours, and high pitch noise. It's seems like it's looping last voice for example if I watched some movie it freezes last scene and voice/noise. Only solution I found is to hold power button till it shut down and open it again. 


I did reinstall windows, in "normal" way, and also wiped everything and did factory reset. Still no fix. Sometimes it happens 4 times a week, sometimes 1 a month, but the issue exists.


Can anyone help me out please?




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