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Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Problems:

2016-12-25, 19:37 PM

Hey all!

I bought a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 15ISK Laptop  (touch version) exactly a month ago through a seller, since I live in Pakistan & as far I know Lenovo doesn't officially function here. Other details: Windows 10; core i7; 16gb; 512gb memory.


About a week ago i clicked on the wrong link and got a terrible virus because of which i had to reformat my hard drive by reloading my Windows 10 (through that full/all disk reset option). What that resulted in was a simple windows 10 (without the preloaded software which I kinda want back), and a heck of a lot of problems.


Firstly, is there any way to get back that preloaded software? I've tried searching everywhere but can't really find it; found the nvidia and reltek stuff but that's it.


Secondly, the black screen of death; this was something that happened to me the very first time i opened the laptop, and the second time after i reloaded it. It hasn't happened since, but was wondering if there's a way to fix without physically doing anything to the laptop.


Thirdly, ever since I've reloaded windows, the on-screen indicators for caps lock and num lock do not show up, and I really want those because i'm still adjusting to this keyboard. I've tried looking for it here on the forum, but all the instructions are for windows 7 or maybe 8, nothing for windows 10 (the instructions for windows 7 can't apply to windows 10 because the options aren't the same). ALSO, the on screen indicator for when i turn off the trackpad also isn't showing up.


Fourthly (yes this is a long list i'm so sorry for making you read all this), ever since I've reloaded, the speakers occasionally/regularly make a loud pop or tsk sound whenever i click something or i'm about to start an audio/video. I have tried installing the latest audio drivers by going to the support site, but for some reason it doesn't work. And i have tried installing multiple times, it still won't go away. Everytime i scan, it tells me to upgrade to version 10, despite my having done so multiple times -_-


Fifthly (ha!) the notifications banners that show up on the side aren't showing up properly. Nothign shows up, with a exception of a really thin, black, cursor like line at the right border of where the photo/app icon is supposed to be within the banner area. If i have to click something in the area of the notification banner, i can't do so until it goes away.


Sixthly, fn+f5, which is supposed to be airplane mode, only worked the very first time i opened this laptop, and has not worked since, not even after the reload.


And lastly, spellcheck doesn't work in my firefox, despite my turning on spellcheck in both firefox settings and windows settings; it has been this way since the start, and has not changed even after reloading.


I'm sorry for the extremely long post (and any mispellings). Ever since this stuff started happening to me, i realised by exploring the forum here that Lenovo has a lot of issues with the firmware and drivers, especially in this model. That makes me incredibly sad because this laptop was a big investment for me as a design student in university, and i was pretty happy with it until this happened; now i'm stuck because i can't return it or anything. So if the community has any solutions or ideas or anything, please do let me know. The shop i bought it from wrote one year international warranty on the receipt, but when i checked my laptop on the support site it says that the warranty is out of date :/ And i've tried searching the forum, some of the problems i have aren't mentioned anywhere (not even on youtube). As far as i know, my windows 10 is supposed to be genuine (has the sticker at the bottom), though when i bought the laptop i saw one of the stickers on the bottom (the serial numer one) was fading and coming off. The seller said it happens due to customs checking, and i went with it since i'd already paid and didn't have a choice.


Anyhoo... again i'm sorry for making this even longer. Thank you for reading! And for any solutions!


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Problems:

2016-12-26, 1:25 AM

explore your support page here:


Download Lenovo utility, which will solve some issue. Item thirdly.




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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Problems:

2017-02-02, 17:42 PM



Whenever I play The Sims my keyboard stops working. I have no idea why.

I'm thinking of re-installing the entire computer, but have no idea how.


That, or if anyone have ideas as to how to make the problem disappear. I've heard others with the same problem, and mine seem to be triggered by the sims. When that happens, the computer just crashes.


Hope anyone can help.

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