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Lenovo LEGION Y545 rythmic buzzing through speaker/headphones

2019-08-17, 22:01 PM

Hello everyone, I got the Lenovo LEGION Y545 model:81Q3. I've actually gotten 2 of them (bought one, returned it and got another) and both of them are doing the same thing. All of the comunication apps like mumble and skype show that I'm getting a output noise that is a rythmic buzzing/static type noise through both the laptop speakers or my headset. I opened the sounds tab and made sure it isn't some audio feed back from the mic but the bar on the mic doesn't move just the speaker bar. I've made sure the drivers were up to date and it still does it. The only change is that if I unplug the laptop its isn't as active but it still happens. It also happens when I also listen it any music /videos. This is the second laptop in a row so I'm convinced that it must be a setting thing. Any suggestions?


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Re: Lenovo LEGION Y545 rythmic buzzing through speaker/headphones

2019-08-18, 3:35 AM

This is a widespread issue with mostly all the users reporting crackling sounds. My y540 does it too but only in idle speakers and as soon any sound is played the crackling sound goes away. Happens to me only in headphones as they detect even small noises as compared to laptop speakers. So the issue is not bothering me as much as it is doing to some other users who have reported with more extreme noises


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Lenovo LEGION Y545 rythmic buzzing through speaker/headphones

2020-05-08, 16:42 PM
I've found that if I have a very low audio in the background which I cannot hear (kind of like white noise), the static would not occur. Hopefully this can give you some insight on the problem.
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