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Lenovo Legion Y520 GPU Problem



i have a Lenovo legion Y520IKBA notebook for 10 months, which runs integrated Intel HD630 Graphics and then AMD Radeon RX560 Graphic card.

I had no problem for playing games on high settings with solid fps, usually i am playing World of Tanks on 70-90 fps, but today in the middle of battle, the screen freezed for 1sec, then it went quality down and fps dropped to 7-14, i guess that somehow notebook switched to use HD630 Graphics instead of RX560. I am running 19.5.2 Adrenalin 2019 drivers. It offers me upgrade from 19.5.2 to 19.9.1 but when i did it in past, the same thing happened so i am running older drivers because of that. GPU tempeature is about 38-43C°. Here is what i tried and nothing worked:

- hard restart of notebook
- using CCleaner and DDU for cleaning drivers and reinstalling
- in device manager i uinstalled and installed new drivers
- checking in BIOS if dedicated gpu is enabled 

Nothing of this worked, anybody else had this problem and solved it? I checked older topics, but none of it worked for me. I will be glad for any idead, thanks a lot. 

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 GPU Problem

Hi there


So you're saying that even after rebooting the laptop, the game is still using integrated graphics?

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