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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

Exactly. Once the matrix has fallen by itself. They exchanged for me a guarantee ... The waiting time for implementation is too long. I do not want to copy all the data again and send it back to the site for a month ... This is my second Lenovo laptop Y series = tragedy. For 1500 $ I needed something better and not **bleep**. Currently, I put plastic under the cable connector of the keyboard and on the keyboard connector several layers of plastic on even with the end of the battery. Temporarily 95% of the time works. Sometimes it helped to push the right side of the bottom of the laptop with my hand and he caught ... In addition, I have turned all the screws and works on it ... But this is not the solution.
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

try presing E (numeric +) and space,  or  E(numeric +) FN and Space, fixed in my case. If you press EGSpace you should get B , its software problem not hardware. This combo should get keyboard working

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

Hi Andy,


Please let me know is it a software  or hardware error... How it happens to all users ( same keys malfunction)...

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

myy friend this manufacturing defect

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