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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

Exactly. Once the matrix has fallen by itself. They exchanged for me a guarantee ... The waiting time for implementation is too long. I do not want to copy all the data again and send it back to the site for a month ... This is my second Lenovo laptop Y series = tragedy. For 1500 $ I needed something better and not **bleep**. Currently, I put plastic under the cable connector of the keyboard and on the keyboard connector several layers of plastic on even with the end of the battery. Temporarily 95% of the time works. Sometimes it helped to push the right side of the bottom of the laptop with my hand and he caught ... In addition, I have turned all the screws and works on it ... But this is not the solution.
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

try presing E (numeric +) and space,  or  E(numeric +) FN and Space, fixed in my case. If you press EGSpace you should get B , its software problem not hardware. This combo should get keyboard working

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

Hi Andy,


Please let me know is it a software  or hardware error... How it happens to all users ( same keys malfunction)...

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

myy friend this manufacturing defect

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

the problem is very simple, the keyboard connection to the mother board is loose, so everytime we shake the laptop it works for a bit and again stops. the simple solution is to keep pressure on the pins to make it work effectively. the easiest way to do so is placing a small foam piece on top of the connecter to keep pressure on it. 

the other way of doing it is to replace the keyboard which is quite expensive.  since the strip cannot be individually removed it is an expensive affair


i listed a 2 images to help you with the process. if you do need any help i will be happy to answer any questions. also opening up your laptop does not take away your warranty.


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Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

Update...July 2017 took laptop to service agents who never heard of the lenovo service tip marked as solved, gave it back after 5 days seemly fixed only for the same problem to return. Since I only use it for gaming I let it go till a month ago (3 months left on warranty) and returned to the service agents who this time just nodded and said will take take 5 days for spare parts to arrive. They replaced keyboard and touch pad everything working correctly now.

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