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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade

I have not played MMORPG games for a long while now, but as far as I know they are more CPU dependent and run fine on mid-class GPUs like the 1050.


As for RAM, download and install CPU HWInfo tool, run it and that will show a detailed description of your RAM. It probably is a Samsung or a Hynix.


Honestly, brand matching does not matter much, what matters is the -

1) Type (Size/Voltage/Gen) - DDR4 2133/2400MHz , 1.2v (I would think)

2) CAS Latency values - These are usually depicted in format of 3 numbers such as (15-15-15) or even 4 in some cases or just like CL15.


Example, pairing up a Kingston or Corsair or Crucial with a samsung should work fine as long as you choose the right characteristics. (Only in case if the actual model you are looking for is expensive or unavailable)


Also, buy it from a place that has a decent return policy.

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade

Is hyperX brand compatible? but with all the 8gb ddr4 2133 1.2v 

And is desktop rams can be used for laptop rams? Or theres a difference type of ram that laptop uses? Does it need to be SDRAM? 

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade


I'm pretty sure the brand doesn't matter as long as it is the same type of DDR(probably DDR4), same frequency(2133/2400 depending on what you already have) and the voltage (1.2V).

And to answer your main question, NO, it is NOT the same type of ram as in desktops. Be sure to buy a SODIMM ram memory.

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade



Can this be used in my Lenovo Legion Y520 (80YY0011MX)?


Regards Rune

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade

Speccy is also a good utility to use for all the information you will need about your computer. It shows manufacturer, model, temp, etc., and all for free. There is a paid version that gives you full support, but it is not necessary.
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade


I can installe in one slot 8GB and in other 16GB? i need 24GB.

also what the brand i can buy? i have now HYNIX but i not find 16GB for this brand 

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade

I'm currently using Lenovo Y520 corei5 7300HQ with 4GB of Ram, I want to upgrade it Ram. Should I upgrade Ram to 12GB since there many people said using 2 slots with 4GB and 8GB will not stable and end of the day 1 slot of Ram might broken. Thanks for your idea sharing.

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y520 upgrade

Good day, I'm new to the community, i just bought a y520 with i5 and 8gbs of ram. I'vve been reading in the forum and the manual and says i can go as much as 32gb (meaning, i will buy 2 16gb dimms for the two slots). But the guy in the lenovo store says, the i5 can only handle 16gb.


I guess, i'm just looking for validation?


Thanks in advance,



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