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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Legion Y530 Reinstaling problem

Recently I reinstalled my lenovo legion laptop because my hard drive was corrupted. So I installed with a windows 10 pro edition and updated a couple of drivers. However I'm encountering several problems:

-My touchpad doesn't work anymore 

-I have 2 graphic cards (Nvidia + Intel ) but my laptop refuses to recognize my intel graphics card and to install its drivers (the installation package is not supported by this processor type).

-some drivers refuse to be installed

-I cannot access brightness settings anymore

-The lenovo vantage app refuses to work. i could launch it but after it loads it crashes or by opening via the toolbar i can only access the System settings not the input settings. the app doesn't let me configure itself and so barely recognizes my pc which leads to app features missing

-My windows 10 pro  is slower than the previous windows 10 home I had

-A couple other features missing like battery plans (for example the option that could let you choose between better performance or better battery)

-My computer Startup takes a lot of time compared to what I had previously

-Hibernate mode doesn't properly work

-And finally due to the boot failing problems , i can only put my computer storage controller mode in AM1C instead of RST where i had the intel optane memory. So now i can no longer access the Intel optane memory



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y530 Reinstaling problem

wow I have the same problem with my 7530 Hdd corrupted too. i was just browsing the internet and then the computer froze shut it off and it just loops the start up. why dont you send it to lenovo to get fixed ? is it still under warranty. I bought mines in september. Im about to send it in for a warranty repair but I dont want to wait too long. im thinking of buying a new hard drive and just installing windows through usb on the new drive 


did you buy a new hard drive, or are you still using the original hard drive that was corrupted.

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎11-04-2018
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Re: Lenovo Legion Y530 Reinstaling problem

I bought my computer in America and I currently live in Senegal . Do you see the problem ?

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