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Lenovo Legion Y720 Battery ~30 minutes while gaming.

2018-06-15, 10:56 AM

Hey, i just bought the legion y720 - laptop 1 day ago. When i tried gaming on the battery (full 100%) i could only play for about 30 minutes, before the battery was dead. I read on the forums, that normally it should be able to play for about 90 minutes..


What i have done:

- NVidia control panel -> Auto Select GPU

- Battery saving options -> High Performance

- Google Chrome set to integrated graphics in NVidia control panel.


Also, should i play with laptop plugged in, or does it break the battery (i can't take it out)


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Re: Lenovo Legion Y720 Battery ~30 minutes while gaming.

2018-06-15, 17:09 PM

That's not rediculous uncommon; playing on battery is a poor choice because of the limitations the battery has in terms of power output (it can't do the same 170 watts that the charging brick can).   There's not a laptop out there that can game on battery, atleast not for long periods of time or at the same quality as when plugged in.


EDIT: I guess I didn't really answer your question, charging the battery to 100% (EDIT 2, poor phrasig, keeping it plugged in all the time will not reduce battery life, as once the battery is fully charged all power bypasses it completely and goes directly to internal components) will reduce battery lifespan *slightly*, but it's not nearly as big of an issue as it's made out to be.  Battery technology has advanced a lot in the past 10 years, so most of the paranoia around "burning out your batrery" is simply not true anymore.  If it matters to you that much, there is an advanced setting somewhere (I'd have to look), where you can set the laptop to charge only to 60% (long story short, if you have your laptop plugged in 90% of the time and don't need longer battery life, this will extended your batteries lifespan because it is less stressful to charge a battery up to 50 or 60% than it is to 100%, you get diminishing returns on charging, this is why your phone will quick charge to 80% in half an hour, but take another half hour to get from 80% to 100).  Hopefully this helps.


If you check under power plan settings (advanced), you can adjust your processors clock speed when on battery (power saver will reduce it to like 1ghz max default).  This will result in poorer gaming performance (when in power saver mode, some variation from game to game) but it will also extended battery life of your laptop.

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