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Lenovo Legion Y720 - Subwoofer Crackling Sound

Hello everybody,


I have been experiencing a following issue:

Everytime I launch World of Warcraft application, the red triangle on the bottom of my laptop (subwoofer?) starts to make a constant crackling sound. It doesn't happen anywhere else but only in the WoW application. I can hear the sound all the time even if I mute the whole laptop and mute all applications, even if I plug in headphones. It sounds like a hardware electrical crackling sound.


As I said it only happens in WoW, as WoW is probably my only application that fully uses the 1060 graphics card. I wonder is it due to the poor inner construction and the electrical flow around the subwoofer?


I have the letest Realtek drivers, I also tried to turn off Dobly Atmos to no avail. The sound immediattely stops when I Alt-Tab to desktop but leave WoW running, but it is back when I Alt-Tab back. So something in that application is causing a crackling sound to the woofer. I believe it is a question to Lenovo forums rather than WoW forums.


Any suggestions, or anyone experienced the same?


Cheers! :-)

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y720 - Subwoofer Crackling Sound

Have you tested the subwoofer by playing youtube video with some bass?

Does it work fine?



Are you playing connected to the charger?

Can you change the wall socket to where the charger is connected?

Try using a power strip with power surge protection to see if that stops the cracking.

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Re: Lenovo Legion Y720 - Subwoofer Crackling Sound



I am having the same issue as you, did you find any solution to fix it somehow?! 


I am thinking about reinstalling Windows may would help, but Im not sure. It is strange since if I do a restart, it doesnt make that squeeky sound, for 10 minutes, but the it does it non stop. I bought it a week ago, everything was fine until today... 

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