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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y520 - Audio Driver Problems

I recently bought a Lenovo Y520 laptop. All went well when installing Windows the first time, pretty much Windows downloaded the right drivers. Because of a mistake on my end (using non-ASCI characters in User name) I reinstalled a clean version of Windows 10. This time, the speakers seemed too quiet (still usable, but not as loud as they were the first time I installed Windows). After trying a few drivers I found (including the one from the Support page, a driver installed by Driver Booster and Windows' installed driver) I somehow managed to make the speakers sound fine. Today, I tried to make a Skype call, yet the other person didn't seem able to hear me clearly (more exactly, she said I am too quiet). I'm currently running a dual-boot Windows 10 - Ubuntu Gnome 17.04, so I switched to Ubuntu to check if there were any problems so far. The speakers did sound quiet, but my microphone was crystal clear. I was able to talk over 2 hours on Skype for Linux without ANY problem (I could hear her very well, she could hear everything in my room basicly). Now, after trying to troubleshoot for about two hours, I couldn't manage to get the speakers back to their true potential on Windows and the microphone is still unusable (unless shouting at it). I want to add that I do have the problem with plugging in headphones; first time, everything is well, yet if I unplug them and plug them back there is no sound (I found a "work-around", but that's still not the right way to use the headphones).
Any ideas what can I do? 

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