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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y520 Network Issues

I purchased a Lenovo Y520 last year and I had to send it in once already due to the dedicated GPU dissappearing. When I got it back it lost a couple of screws and wouldn't connect wirelessly without a hard restart every time. This is not only annoying but bad for my laptop. I'd like to know how to fix this without sending it in.

SPECS: RX 560 4GB GPU 500gb HDD 1 TB SSD 32GB RAM i5-7300HQ 

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Y520 Network Issues

Some questions.


  • Windows 10?
  • What Wireless Adapter do you have?
  • Are you running the latest driver for your WiFi Adapter"
  • If you have the Intel WiFi adapter, is Intel Pro-Set installed?
  • Does the Windows Troubleshooting (network diagnostics) return anything of use?
  • Does the WiFi work until your system is idle for a period of time and then not connect?   


If it seems to work until after an idle period, that could be related to power management, so you should verify that the WiFi adapter is not being powered off.


In Device Manager

  1. Right-click on the WiFi Adapter and Select Properties
  2. Select Power Management Tab, and uncheck the box "Allow the computer to power off this device to save power"


In Power Options control panel

  1. Go to Power Options.
  2. Click Change plan settings on the on the Preferred plans that you are using.
  3. Click Change advanced power settings.
  4. Click Wireless Adapter Settings.
  5. Power Saving Mode option will appear.
  6. Set it to Maximum Performance.


Best of luck,

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Y520 Network Issues

It is windows 10 and is updated regularly.

I have updated and rolled back my Intel Dual-Band AC 3165 according to other forum posts and their instructions.
I installed the Intel proset and it actually disabled wireless so I had to uninstall it.
I have also run the windows troubleshooter and it has produced nothing.
The only way my device connects to a wireless network is if I completely hard restart it. It doesn't even show the wireless device in the device manager unless I hard restart it.

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