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Re: Lenovo Y520 Wifi Problem

Sorry man, there's no solution that comes to mind.

You can open the laptop and make sure the connections are good and nothing is interfering with each other.


Other than that, you can try removing the SSD and see if the problem gets fixed.


If not, then contact Lenovo support and ask for a repair. Do tell them how to reproduce the problem and DON'T tell them that you tampered with any of the hardware inside.


That's all.

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Re: Lenovo Y520 Wifi Problem



The only solution that worked for me (after System restore, unnistall and install the driver, even boot ubuntu to check the wifi but not working) i made the following steps.


Go to Right click on computer->Manage then go to Device manager and to the wireless card. Double click, go to driver tab. Click disable, and then unnistal the driver with check on the remove information.




Download the latest driver for Dual band wireless AC 8265 from intel ( )


Install the driver (if you already have a version you can click upgrade). After the install is finishd Restart again


Now it should work.


So, the thing is to follow the procedure like this Remove driver->restart->install driver->restart .If you do without restarting it will not work.


Hope will work for you


p.s.sorry for my english, not a native

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Re: Lenovo Y520 Wifi Problem


I just purchased a Lenovo Legion Y520 model 80WK and installed win10 pro.

I installed all the drivers from lenvo driver support page and I cannot find the wifi.

I can connect only throught the cable. 


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Re: Lenovo Y520 Wifi Problem

Hi Everyone,


I purchased Y520 from store and I do not have any issue with connecting wifi but my link speed is lower than expected.

I am not  sure why is my link speed is up to 150? 

I was not sure if this was maximum speed can be linked to wifi?


I searched realtek website to see if there any latest driver available but I could find the version below actually older than Lenovo released latest version.


Realtek version latest relase driver: 2023.56.0502.2017


Current driver version from Lenovo.



Here is picture of what I have in my laptop(Y520-IKBN).

IMG_20180208_200214000_HDR - Copy.jpgIMG_20180208_200448620 - Copy.jpg


I have the latest version installed from Lenovo but I still having issue with link speed is lower than 150.

I am not sure if this hardware can be linked max speed at no more than 150.

I am assuming this is just the hardware issue but Lenov do not want to place this issue as recall or warranty services.

I have tried many different ways to fix but non of these method didn't work out for me.



I have found there is how to upgrade your wireless card for your laptop.

I might want to try that out and see how would make change. I am thinking to replace to something like intel instead of realtek.



Please note that if you want to upgrade your PCIe wireless card, you have to make sure that you are trying to purchasing wireless card is in whitelists. If you are buying non-whitelist wireless card may not work (Actually your laptop will not boot).

I found some the list of repalceable wireless -according to Y520-IKBN maintenance guide.

Please see below picture for the wireless card lists.

It will not specify the product number but FRU(field-replaceable unit). So you just google the the 7 digits and see if you can find the compatible products on Amazon.

Intel is most common and reliable parts that I can trust(Just my opinion) I found in Amazon and just placed order.

It should arriving this coming Saturday. I hope new wireless card connecting to my home and office wifi at higher link speeds. 

Here is what I purchased.



I will update upon install and test results.



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Re: Lenovo Y520 Wifi Problem

Hi Everyone,


Today I received a package from Amazon and successfully installed to my Y520 laptop.

Results were showing as below screeshot at fastest linkspeed with my home router network and no drop or sudden disconnection. Now I am satisfying with this.


I worried about new wireless card been rejected by the bios. As I thought the list of the replaceable components from previous uploaded picture were correct!!


If you have any issue with wireless connection drop or slow linkspeed most likely you may have faulty wireless card installed by the Lenovo outsourcing manufacture or whoever supplied to lenovo autorized assembly facility that was crappy hardware they have brought!! (The one I got my original wireless card was terrible hardware).

This is common scense of the hardware specification they need to provide under their machine spec information web or user's manual. However I could not find any of the hardware specially wireless specification from any website.


I hope they are not hidding from what they've done to the machine they've sold in US.


And Thnak you for wasting my time and money. I will not buy all Lenovo products.



WiFi Status.png


Old wireless card instlled.



And New one.



Left: Old / Right: New











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Re: Lenovo Y520 Wifi Problem

Dear archstar1982,


thank you very much for your in depth post of upgrading your wifi card. I too have a Y520 with a bad realtek wifi module.

I will soon upgrade to the intel card you posted. I guess the cheap Y520 comes with a price that some components are not high quality (screen, wifi module...).


But with shared efford of the community we can make the Y520 great again.


Greetings, Steve

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