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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y520151KBM Performance Issues.

Hello everyone !

First of all sorry for my approximative english, haven't done that in a long time.

Before returning my laptop, I would like to introduce my problem.

I've bought that sweet laptop a little more than a week ago, 

Specs are : i5-7300HQ , 8GB Ram, GTX 1060 MaxQ, 1TB HDD and 128 GB SSD.

Windows 10 came installed on the ssd, so far, with windows, absolutely no problem, boot is fast and responsive.

Main problem comes from performances in game, the overall performance are not what I expected and my old rig performs way better with an old GTX 960M

To be more specific, I mainly play league of legends and world warcraft. (And other games but those are the two I've installed so far) My fps on lol are actually "stable" on medium settings, when I say stable, means it doesn't drop below 70/60 fps but the game is not smooth, sometimes there is huge drops and stutters. I normally could run that game on very high without significant drops but no. (Vertical sync doesn't seems to change anything regarding stutter)

On World of Warcraft, it may be even worse, fps can drop below 50/40, not matter what settings I play with, overall the fps are random and it's really like something is wrong. (My fps even drop when I let say, use a specific action in game)

Also, alt tab when using a full screen application take quite a time to react.

What I've tried so far :

- Drivers are up to date, all of them, I even tried old drivers and old bios.
- Check'd if games were using GPU, they are.
- No overheating, that's actually absolutely amazing because my old was so **bleep** hot.
- Tweak'd a bit of things regarding windows 10.
- No huge cpu/ram usage.

What I suspect is an HDD failure maybe, I tried Lenovo tools to scan for errors, nothing so far.

So before returning the laptop, maybe I've missed something, that's why I'm coming to see you all =D
(To be honest, I've been unlucky with that laptop, first one I've ordered had an hardware issue, making the GPU impossible to use, and now the second one is not performing the way it should be performing)

I've been thinking of adding more ram in the future and maybe replacing that HDD by a 7200 rpm but as for now, laptop bein new, it should work decently on those games I've listed.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, and thank you so much for your time ! (and again, sorry, english ain't not my mother tongue)

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Re: Lenovo Y520151KBM Performance Issues.

failing HDD would not cause any FPS issues. If anything, you could get occasional stutters, but overall the frames should be consistent and... much higher! LoL and WoW should be a piece of cake for the Y520.


I know you mentioned making sure the right GPU is used, but just to be sure I'd like to confirm how did you test it.

The way I do it is to use the Nvidia activity icon. If the Nvidia GPU is being used the icon in the tray should turn colourful. It stays gray if it's not.

nvidia icon.jpg


Another thing, if you haven't already, is to try and use the high performance power plan in Windows' Power Settings.

I'm an INsider - not a Lenovo employee.
You can find me in gaming, Ideapad and Thinkpad forums most of the time.
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y520151KBM Performance Issues.

Hello ! And thank you for your reply !

Yeah that's why I'm asking, fps should be way higher and consistent.

I've tested before the GPU using the Nvidia Activity Icon, and yeah, it's a colourful rainbow =D

Power plan is also set to high performance.

(I don't actually know that much, was asking about HDD cuz it's where the games are located and because windows is actually working pretty **bleep** good on the SSD)

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