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Lenovo Y530 temps and benchmark scores?


I'm a pretty new gaming notebook owner, as i got a really screaming good deal on a y530 (8750h/1060-6gb/16gb/512ssd/144hz). Im currently trying out some recommendations from the internet like undervolting the CPU and having the power limit at 50W (CPU) and im currently getting 2678 points in cinebench r20, and the cpu is sitting comfortably at 70-72 degrees C at full load. (-0,150v undervolt)


Is this good or is there something else i should change?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y530 temps and benchmark scores?


My NTB: CPU i7-8750h,RAM 16GB, GPU 1060-6GB,SSD 256GB, HDD 2TB, 144Hz.

My undervolt (ThrottleStop): CPU Core -1000mV, CPU Cache -140mV, iGPU -125mV

Long Power Max 48, Short Power Max 63.

Temp idle 38-48 °C, Temp Load 82-86 °C

Cinebench R20 3060-3080cb

Cinebench R15 1250-1270cb

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Re: Lenovo Y530 temps and benchmark scores?

Hi RonneySingh


I think what you've done is pretty great and I'd stick to it unless you want slightly better performance in some games. 70-72C on CPU is excellent, but like the other user, you can go as high as 85C without worrying about it too much.


Let me know if you want any specific feedback. Thanks.

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