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Punch Card
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Lenovo Y700-15 ISK dead

I decide to bought this laptop. My previous was Y580 and I was using him 3 years without any problems.

Unfortunately my Y700 after 2 days was dead.

I just turn off him and when I was trying to turn on the computer and only heard working fan for 1-2 seconds, keyboard light was working but HDD no. Screen was completely black. I sent this to Lenovo service and now I have to wait for my computer 30 days Smiley Sad


I red a lot about this issue and it seems to be popular problem with Y700.


I have questions:

-Do You know why this model has this problems (I heard that is BIOS issue but I'm not sure)?

-Do Lenovo knew about this and are they trying to resolve this issue?

-Laptops with this failure are repaired or exchange for new one? 


Thank You for Your answers. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y700-15 ISK dead

Exact same issue here as you described.  There are other threads on this board with same problem also, and on other message boards online.  Had to send mine back for repair, they say maybe it will need a new motherboard.  Mine lasted 5 weeks or so before this issue happened.  Now I'll have to wait some weeks before it comes back.


What is going on here, Lenovo?  Could someone answer this person's questions honestly... Looks like there are some design flaws with this model, why not be up-front and tell us you're still working out problems because it's new technology?  Obviously Lenovo brand name doesn't mean what it once did, unfortunately.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y700-15 ISK dead

I bought 2 at christmas for my sons.  The first one died within days.  Lenovo let me return and they sent a new one.  Now the new one has died after ~3 weeks.  Exact same problem.  The screen is blank with the power button lit etc. Tech support took me thru analysis and said I would have to send back for warranty support.


What is going on here.  I can't believe this is an isolated case since we have personally had 2 fail exactly the same way. 


Has anyone had an explanation as to what the failure is????

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