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Lenovo Y700 15ISK - stuck between Lenovo and Microsoft

2017-03-17, 15:30 PM

I have purchased thiis laptop in November and have had nothing but problems.


After numerous BSOD's and also software crashed I rang Lenovo and was told to relaod the operating system, and then reload software, one at a time, allowing a day between each to isolate the problem.


I have only loaded Microsoft office and it has crashed on me. I contacted Microsoft support and have stress tested Excel on 7 difference machines. All work fine except this one which crashes, which was enough for Microsoft to assert that it is a hardware issue.


I contacted Lenovo who refute this, due to the fact that I have not had any more BSOD's, I only reloaded the Operating system 2 days ago,


If there was a problem with the hardware it would happen on every application. There are no more applications on my latpop other than preloaded. Therefore if it is a software problem, it would appear to be a clash between the preoaded software and microsoft office.


This must surely be covered by Lenovo, as it is preloaded on their machine.


I have lost all confidence in the machine and cannot afford to waste any more time on this machine but am advised that even returning it would show no hardware faults and so it would not be covered.


Microsoft have confirmed that it appears to be a hardware problem, and also convinced me.


Where to from here.


FYI - When I originally bought the laptop it failed the hardware scan, upon calling lenovo I was advised that there was an error with the scan, and not the hardware.


Downloaded a new update and lo and behold, it passed.


I need to take up the problem with Microsoft.


Microsoft answer, I need to take it up with Lenovo.


Reseller, will obviously get no joy with Lenovo due to the above so somebody has to take the hit and I would rather it not be me.


Excel is my go to software so a laptop that does not work with it is not fit for the purpose I bought it for. It may be fit for other purposes, but it is of no use to me.


I side with Microsoft as they at least proved to me why it would be a problem with Lenovo. Lenovo just told me it was because their hardware scan doesnt show a problem, and it would go wrong with EVERY piece of software if it was a Lenovo problem.


Do I need to close my business whilst I test the hardware with lots of software that is of no use to me?


Please help

Solved! See the solution

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Re: Lenovo Y700 15ISK - stuck between Lenovo and Microsoft

2017-03-22, 3:12 AM

Hello garethwestwood2,


Sorry to hear about this headache. I can understand how frustrating BSODs can be, and it is a hard matter to describe to support.


To see if the hardware is acting up, can I get you to try running Prime95 to fully load the CPU? http://www.mersenne.org/ftp_root/gimps/p95v2810.win64.zip


If the system BSODs, we know there's probably a HW issue. If you can also photograph the BSOD to provide some detail to the warranty support, it'll help a lot in getting the issue fixed.


Now, if it doesn't BSOD, we can also try Furmark to see if the GPU is crashing. http://www.geeks3d.com/dl/showd/522


If it still doesn't BSOD, then we can move onto further diagnostic actions.

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Re: Lenovo Y700 15ISK - stuck between Lenovo and Microsoft

2017-03-25, 22:15 PM



If there was a Windows fresh install on the machine I always recommend to check the drivers installed. Bad drivers (or MS default drivers) can cause inestability on the machine.


I often do the following.


1) Check Windows Device Manager and see if something is missing on the drivers.


2) Check the Lenovo support site for the model and confirm that I have the BIOS and drivers updated to the latest level.



Also, sometime it may be easier to use "Lenovo Companion" (Windows 10) to check for newer drivers using the easy way.


3) My last try on the "Driver update rampage" is to use DriverEasy, but that is not officially supported by Lenovo and it is under your own risk.


I hope it helps.




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Re: Lenovo Y700 15ISK - stuck between Lenovo and Microsoft

2017-03-27, 9:43 AM

Thank you for your help.


After numerous hours with Microsoft support, this did in fact turn out to be an excel issue.


I have no idea how it came about but my spreadsheet was taking a long time "updating Tables"


However, I was not aware of any "tables" that had been inserted knowingly, more likely due to cut and past from various web based software.


For anybody else that this may help in future, I found a way around it myself, by changing the formule calculation to "Automatic except data tables".


To ensure this was always set like this, (as there is no default within Excel" I now have a spreadsheet set to "Automatic except data tables" calculation. And open this first every time I use excel.


It has fixed the problems I was encountering.


I have not tested the above suggestions as Microsoft had already advised similar tests and assured me there was no problem with the hardware.




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